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Since 1996 Easy Desk Software has been developing software to fix the Windows Registry and System files. Easy to use Registry cleaners and other Registry repair software; as well as System file utilities.

We also make Registry repair and file backup utilities, office accounting and some of the best security and spy removal software. You will find all the software, information and tools you need to fix almost any problem that you may have encountered with the Windows Registry or file system. If you do not find exactly what your looking for on this page, search our site, the search engine is at the top of this page. We have over 500 pages of information and plenty of downloads on the site.

Here you will find the answers to your questions and how to fix the Windows Registry and System file errors, along with how to use our Registry repair software and tools, System File tools to optimize your system. You will find explanations and fixes for Failed to Load files reported by RegRepair. We can show you how to use our Windows Registry repair utilities . You can learn what is a Windows DLL file and what is FAT on our site. You will find a list of Windows files and what they are for, how to fix your Registry , common error messages and repairs , and a glossary .

You will find answers to the most common questions ( FAQ ) about our software and additional help files for them that can be viewed on line. You'll find a page to show you how to update your registered software to our current version. Visit our Class Room where you will find tips and tricks for Windows 9x to XP and Windows 2003 to Windows 8.

You will find more subjects and information here about the Windows Registry, and even how to never format again. Here you will find Registry Tricks, poems about computers, our editorials, humor, useless facts and more (just click on the word information and see what else we have for you). Note: It is recommended that you use the Save As Menu Item on your browser rather then attempt to print out a page on this site.

At our Product Site you can download our software and take it out for a test ride (shareware, the try before you buy stuff). You will find the best of the best Windows Registry repair tools, crash recovery tools, as well as several other utilities. You will find our office suite that will get you business moving; and our Internet and office security system here as well.

At our Suggestions site you can give us feedback on any subject. We would love to hear your thoughts and your ideas. You may even have a great idea for a new program for us to create. We need to hear from the outside world. We're stuck here trying to build this web site and as soon as we figure out how to build it, we can tell you how to use it.

At our Toy Room you will find freeware that we package for your pleasure. You will also find shareware and freeware that we have found on the internet that we think is worth downloading.

For tech support or information about our programs visit our Site Map , FAQ page , and our Information section. Also visit our How to use our Windows Registry Tools page

We also offer complete computer repairs for the Treasure Coast of Florida.


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