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Uninstall Information

To uninstall our software, you will find it's uninstaller located in it's Start Menu folder. Click on the uninstall shortcut to uninstall the software.

End User License

Our trial version software and freeware software license agreement is:
We do not include any adware or piggy backed software in any of our downloads

You agree not to disassembly the software. You may not sell the software or charge for it's use. You are free to install it on as many computers as you wish

Our registered versions come with it's own license agreement displayed and outlined on the license agreement page of the trial version. The agreement is also include in a file that is included with the registered version. The registered version may only be installed to one computer. It may not be disassembled. You may not sell it. You may charge for using it. The user agrees that once the registered version license and download has been issued there are no refunds.