Instant Check

Print checks using blank check stock or plain paper. Print customer's checks via fax, phone, or email

No special toners or magnetic ink required and the MICR Font is free

You can print your own checks, personal or business style, and keep full accounting - all on your PCs.

You can use Instant Check printing software to accept checks online, by phone, fax, or email . Print your own checks to pay bills. Use blank check stock or design your own checks with a custom background.

You can take a credit card for your services if your customer has one - or you can take a check by phone, fax, online, or even e-mail - just like all the major banks and utility companies do; and print the check right in your own office.   Instant Check printing software prints checks in Dollars, prints euro cheques or Pounds sterling

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Free 15 day trial
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Our check printing program can also print multiple checks, envelopes and deposit slips from a CSV (text) file.

Instant Check check printing software allows you to print your own checks to pay bills or payroll, etc. Print customer's substitute checks for payment or reoccuring payments for product or services. It can handles an unlimited amount of accounts at same time, lookup a bank's name by the routing number.

You can print your customer's check and deposit it without waiting for the mail to arrive or hoping that your client will remember to send you one. When you use Instant Check, NO SIGNATURE is required to deposit and collect your funds.

Instant Check allows you to design and print your own business size or personal size checks and print your customer's checks. Instant Check allows you to import your online bank statements for easy book keeping. You can design your checks with a picture or pattern. A sample picture and patterns are included. Print checks using Dollars, Euros, or Pounds Sterling.

Maybe you just do not want to pay the bank for their stock checks and deposit slips, also known as deposit tickets. Maybe you are tired of balancing the check book, Instant Check does it all. And with Check21 you will even save on toner / ink.

Instant Check makes custom checks and even balances your check book. Makes monthly, yearly or daily reports for your taxes.

With the Instant Check's check writing program you can print your client's check right in your office and create your own checks, then fax, email, or mail them. Instant Check will even do your bookkeeping for you.

Instant Check prints checks with or without stubs, on blank paper or blank check stock, and it is easy to setup. You will be writing checks in minutes. Instant Check will print business size checks 8.5" by 3.0" to 3.75", with or without tear off stubs; and standard personal size checks.

The Instant Check program prints checks on blank 8.5" by 11" standard blank check stock that can be purchased at places like Office Max and Stables. Optionally for a custom design, it can print any background that you choose on the face, even a picture on blank paper. You can also print blank checks without dates to take with you on the road and update the database when you get back. These blank checks can be used with Quicken, QuickBooks or Microsoft Money.

Instant Check has a database for quick recalling of any customer or any payee. Do a quick search, click on the customer or payee, fill in the amount and print your check.

Instant Check software is the answer for printing your personal and business checks, available for you to demo for 15 days free.


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