Instant Check

Print checks using blank check stock or plain paper. Print customer's checks via fax, phone, or email

No special toners or magnetic ink required

You can print your own checks for over 1000 different accounts. Change accounts with the click of the mouse. Print checks in personal or business format, and keep full accounting of each account; even online debits.

You can use Instant Check printing software to accept customer's checks for payment by phone, online, fax, or email. Print your customer's check and deposit it without waiting for the mail to arrive or hoping that your client will remember to send you one.

Instant Check is customizable; add a logo, second signature, even add Void after xx days and use blank check stock. You can design your own checks with a custom background and print on plain paper.

Print blank checks with only the magnetic numbers on the bottom to be used with Quicken, QuickBooks, Microsoft Money and other software.

You can also print blank checks without dates to take with you on the road and update the database when you get back.

Instant Check can print checks in Dollars, Euros, or Pounds sterling. Print holiday checks with the custom background to give gifts.

Instant Check has a database for quick recalling of any customer or any payee. Do a quick search, click on the customer or payee, fill in the amount and print your check.

Instant Check printing software can

  • Print multiple checks from a CSV (text) file>
  • Print multiple customers' substitute checks from a CSV file
  • Print business style check or personal style
  • Customize options to add to the check
  • Print checks requiring two signatures
  • Import your online bank statements
  • Make daily, monthly, or yearly reports
  • Print deposit tickets
  • Prints checks with or without stubs
  • Print checks on plain blank paper or blank check stock
  • Print clients check with "No Signature Required" statement
  • Print check with or without magnetic numbers
  • Save money on toner because of the government Check21

Instant Check software is the answer for printing your personal and business checks, available for you to demo for 15 days free.

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