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Each of these programs do completely different functions. No function is duplicated in any of these programs. Functions that may appear to be the same are handled in a completely different way so as to leave no stone unturned.

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RegRepair 2000:

Fixes IOS errors by reading the file Bootlog.txt. Windows reports files that fail to load in this file. Reading the Registry will not uncover an IOS error. This program searches the Bootlog for failed files then searches system files and the Registry; looking for duplicate entries, invalid entries, and deleted files.

RegRepair 2000 also has other features included for searching and reading the bootlog. A Cabinet file library for you to see if a file is part of the Windows Cabinet files, and a library of font files - some 4035 different file names; several more.

RegRepair 2000 removes duplicate fonts by searching the Font folder in Windows and then checking the Registry to see if the Font name is already in use. If not, it registers the font in the Registry. Many programs install the same Font but with different file names. When Windows is first installed it installs Arial (Arial.ttf). Then let's say you install Coral's Perfect Office, it too installs Arial; but this time it installs a different file name ( i.e. T___23.ttf). Now the registered font name is T___23.ttf for Arial and the file Arial.ttf becomes invisible to you and Windows. Thus taking up hard drive space. RegRepair looks in the Fonts folder for Font files then checks the Registry to ensure that the Font is registered. If not it registers the Font. If two Arial.ttf files are found it registers one and then moves the second one to a backup folder.

RegRepair 2000 also has an Update System Backup Files feature, a feature no other program offers; and a Repair System Files feature.

When to use: RegRepair 2000 should be used when your machine takes a long time to boot. When you are getting IOS notices and Windows continues to boot to Windows normally. RegRepair 2000 does not fix IOS errors in Safe Mode unless you rename the Bootlog.prv to Bootlog.txt. The reason for this is that when you boot in Safe Mode Windows creates a limited bootlog automatically. Hence, not displaying the files that failed.

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RegMedic is probably the most powerful Registry utility available today. There is no other utility that can compare to it. Nothing short of formatting or reinstalling Windows and all your software can do what RegMedic can. This is a program that you will only understand completely what it can do by using it.

RegMedic is programmed to read the keys that Windows creates when you first install Windows and it's optional components. The easiest way to help you understand this software is to say that it has a database built-in that covers all English versions of Windows 95 and 98, with or without Internet Explorer 4.0 or 5.0 installed. RegMedic can restore a Registry that is completely corrupted to the day you last installed Windows. It also can reset every one of these keys to the day that Windows was installed for the first time on your computer. It can also save your current settings and restore them at any time in the future. All of this without removing any of your other software and their settings. This is not like making a backup of your Registry, as a backup may contain errors as well being outdated and incomplete.

RegMedic offers a way to restore only missing keys, undo changes that other software does, reset a single key, inform you of what a key is currently set to and its default setting. RegMedic will also prompt you to install a required file if you have deleted it.

This is a very brief description of this software but it should give you an idea of what it is all about.

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Perfect Companion:

This program removes entries in the Registry that are invalid. It searches the Registry looking for file names. When a file name is found it then searches the location that is referenced. If the file has been deleted the entry is removed. The Font function in Perfect Companion works differently than in RegRepair 2000. This program reads the Registry looking for entries that are in the Registry then looks to the hard drive to see if the file exists, if not it is removed.

Perfect Companion also allows you to have it Register all DLL and OCX files correctly. This overwrites any invalid or incorrect entries in the CLSID and Interface keys that may cause a problem for your other software.

Perfect Companion also has a system file snapshot utility, which is very different than most other snapshot or image utilities available;
Registry Watch is a Registry snapshot. This function of the software allows you to select monitoring of just the Windows directory (the area you are most concerned about), or just the drive that you have installed Windows on, or all of you hard drives. When Perfect Companion monitors, it stores the file size and exact date and time including the second that the file was last modified. Then, when you rerun the snapshot utility to finish up, it can report any file that has been added, deleted, modified, or (most important) replaced with and older version.

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QikFix is a group of 10 utilities, designed to allow you to replace system files quickly and easily. You can monitor your memory usage and maximize memory usage, optimize your computer, uncompress files, compare and copy files from one folder to another, and shred a file that you do not want anyone to ever recover. It eliminates having to click on Ctrl-Atl-Delete to shut down programs when you want to install new software. It allows you to control which user is allowed to access what programs. It can display system information in about 1 second - no more waiting for 30 seconds or more to get information. You can now control your Cache and Swap File usage.

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WinSafe 2001:

WinSafe 2001 is designed as a crash recovery tool for both the beginner and the advanced computer user. Utilities offered in WinSafe 2001 are DOS oriented so that even in Safe Mode they work. WinSafe 2001's utilities allows the user to find and fix the problem that caused the crash.

When to use: WinSafe 2001 is a daily program. It does not run in the background, but rather it runs for a few seconds at bootup, at shutdown, and whenever you elect to start it.

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Updated March 12, 2004