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Easy Recovery, the easy way to make a Windows CD when you do not have one!


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Do you have a Recovery CD? Do you have to format every time you reinstall or install Windows? Easy Recovery can stop you from having to format and lose all your work. Easy Recovery can reinstall your Windows and System files in less then 10 minutes. If you do not have a Microsoft Windows CD to reinstall Windows from, it can make you a Windows installation CD. And if reinstalling Windows on top of itself does not fix your problem, Easy Recovery has an alternative method for restoring Windows without formatting.

Easy Recovery makes it easy to backup your Windows System files and stores them on your hard drive in 6 compressed cabinet files. If a complete reinstall of Windows is required you simply type the word "Recovery" at the DOS prompt. In less then 10 minutes Easy Recovery will uncompress and install all the files saved. It will overwrite all the Windows files, restoring any damaged, corrupt, or missing files. No formatting required!

Easy Recovery also has a Registry backup update feature allowing you to keep an updated Registry in the backup folder for you.

If you have a recovery CD that came with your computer, you will no longer have to format your hard drive to reinstall Windows. No longer will you have to lose all your files and data that you created.

Easy Recovery can also make you a real Windows CD that you can reinstall Windows from, without having to format. This means that should you ever have a problem that cannot be repaired by using the Easy Recovery backup files, you still will not have to format . Easy Recovery will locate all the required files on your hard drive that you need in order to reinstall Windows and copy them to your CD writer (burner). And it will even tell you the CD Key needed to reinstall Windows.

Alternative Method

Easy Recovery offers you an alternative to formatting. When it is time to format try this method instead first.

From the DOS prompt, rename your Windows folder. Example C:\> and type the words REN Windows Winold. this will rename the Windows folder to Winold. Now you can reinstall Windows to C:\Windows without formatting and losing all your data. Once the installation is complete you will find that Windows did gather a lot of information from the Registry from the Winold installation.

Next, start each piece of software that is on your machine. If the program complains about a DLL or other file missing start Easy Recovery and go to Options.Use the "Find me a file from my old Windows Folder", then point Easy Recovery once to the Winold folder and tell it what file you want. It will find it if it exists and install it to the correct folder in the new Windows folder.



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