Failed to load files
IOS errors RegRepair may not repair

Known Failed Files for Windows 95, 98, and ME reported by RegRepair 2000

Most of the files listed here have an explanation in RegRepair's help file and RegRepair will also give you a brief note about these files in the report it creates. Also read the Check System ini section. If you still do not find what you are looking for please review our page More Help For RegRepair 2000


NO NAME: This error seems to be caused by installing DirectX6. At this time we have been unable to find the cause or solution. Since the file has no name RegRepair cannot find the error.
It appears like this : [0011213B] Dynamic load failed : [0011213B] File not found

EBIOS The extended BIOS driver did not find an extended BIOS, so it does not load. Try getting an update from your computer manufacturer.

FONTS that fail If you have a list on many fonts that fail to load it can be caused by two reasons. One reason would be if you have fonts in other folders, other then the Fonts folder. The Font Manager searches the hard disk for fonts, it may find several folders containing fonts. The Font Manager finds these fonts and records the information so that future attempts to locate a font proceed more quickly. These fonts should then stop appearing in the bootlog. The second reason - if you have a lot of fonts and Windows has a problem (error) loading a driver many fonts will be listed. Windows is trying to load the driver and lots of fonts at the same time into memory, but Windows is really just stepping on itself. Hence, the way to fix this error is to remove all the listed fonts in the bootlog and then create a new bootlog and fix the driver that is really causing the problem. Many times Windows will be able to now load the driver sucessfully without all the fonts. Once Windows can load the driver you can reinstall your fonts that RegRepair removed.

JAVASUP The Java Support driver is not needed on your computer, so it did not load. Java is a programming language used on the World Wide Web (WWW). Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 3.0 and later include a Java subsystem . RegRepair 2000 normally repairs this error but under some conditions it will not.

MTRR.VXD This file required for DirectX, download from Microsoft or reinstall DirectX

NAAPI.VXD This is Creative labs driver and was designed for the Japanese version of Windows. The sound card is attempting to load this file so you receive an error message if you are not using the Japanese version of Windows. Windows has already loaded another driver for your sound card. Note: A customer has notified us that they installed an updated driver, SBW9xup.exe, which has fixed the error. We could not find any documentation on the Creative Labs site to this effect. But you might wish to try it. Back up the Registry first!

NAVENG.VXD this file loaded by Norton Anti Virus, but it does not exist on your system because Norton has not made the file yet.The file is designed for an enhance Norton Anti Virus' ability to make use of Symantec's Bloodhound technology. Norton Anti Virus is designed to load NAVENG.VXD. Because the file has not yet been released and does not exist on the system, the file is reported as failed to load by Windows.

Nuwave.drv This file appears to be loaded via the sound card in some cases and through the Media key in other cases. The file is not available so Windows uses a substitute driver. See you sound card manufacturer.
There is a fix for this but only for the advanced computer user:
The Nuwave.drv is called from within the eapci.vxd which is located in the Windows System folder.To correct the load failed message you need to open the eapci.vxd with a hex editor like the Hackman. Use the Find tool to locate the Nuwave.drv entry. Once you've found it then replace it with the entry dsound.vxd. Save the corrected file and place it back in the System
folder. Next time you boot there is no Bootlog entry for Nuwave.drv.

NDIS2SUP.VXD The NDIS 2 support driver did not find any NDIS 2 drivers to support, so it does not load. This is normal with OSR2 and Windows98. RegRepair 2000 normally repairs this error but under some conditions it will not.

NTKERN.VXD This file is for OSR2 update for USB support available, download the update from Microsoft

SDVXD This file is an alias, the real name of the file is unknown at this time. This file will not cause an IOS error. Windows automatically loads a miniature disk cache to increase the speed of the boot process. When the boot process is complete, the miniature disk cache is unloaded from memory. When it is unloaded, the above line is added to the Bootlog.txt file to indicate that the miniature disk cache has been removed from memory. This is normal behavior and belongs in the Bootlog. This means it is working fine. (Strange, isn't it? That's Microsoft for you!)

VEPSD This file is an alias, the real name of the file is unknown at this time. This error on it's own will not cause a crash. This error is caused by Borland's C++ being installed.

VPOWERD The Advanced Power Management (APM) driver determined that your computer does not support APM, so it does not load, or APM support may be disabled. RegRepair 2000 normally repairs this error but under some conditions it will not. To determine if you have inadvertently disabled APM in Device Manager, follow these steps:

  1. In Control Panel, double-click System.
  2. Click the Device Manager tab.
  3. Double-click the System Devices branch to expand it.
  4. Double-click the Advanced Power Management Support branch. (If this branch does not exist, your computer does not support APM.)
  5. Click the Settings tab.
  6. Verify that the Enable Power Management Support check box is selected.

Vserver.vxd Vserver.vxd does not load statically so that it can save memory by loading later in the boot process only if it is needed. For example, Vserver.vxd might not be needed when you start a laptop computer while it is out of its docking station. RegRepair 2000 normally repairs this error but under some conditions it will not.

VSHARE If you examine the Bootlog.txt file, you will notice that VSHARE loaded successfully earlier in the boot process. The second copy of VSHARE detects that VSHARE is already loaded and does not load. RegRepair 2000 normally repairs this error but under some conditions it will not.

Check The System Ini file

  1. If you have run RegRepair 2000 3 times and still have a failed file, and it is not listed above, then:

  2. 1) Check the System ini file in the 386enh section. If the failed file name is Vjoy.vxd then search the System and Win.ini file for "Vjoy" you may find it listed as *Vjoy. Remove the line after backing up the file.

  3. 2) Export the Registry to a text file and then search for the file in Wordpad the same way. Before deleting the Key make a backup of the Registry then using RegEdit, delete the value or Key. Please use a little common sense before deleting Keys. If you are a registered user and find the entry, but are unsure if it is safe to remove it then you may copy and paste to your email and send it to us.


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