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...The graphic and text file viewer that allows you to view a slide show of images in 3 formats, including full screen. Fast View will display any size image to fit the screen automatically. It has an adjustable timer from 1 second to what ever time you choose for viewing a file. It's like watching a slide show. The images quality is high and are displayed in two different sizes at the same time, or full screen. When in full screen mode, if the image is larger than your screen the image is reduced to screen size. automatically. Icons are display at 32 x32.

.. This is a great tool for those who have a lot of clipart and for digital camera owners. You can point Fast View to a folder that contain images and click the Start button on the interface, sit back and watch for the image you want to use. Click pause to study it, you can see how many bytes it is and the file name. As you are viewing you can even delete files and rename files. You can rename your file name, great for the those digital camera names, DSCN0091.JPG to My 1st home.jpg.After viewing a photo you do not want, tell Fast View to delete it, or maybe you want to edit it, just tell Fast View.

Fast View makes it easy for the beginner to retrieve his photos from his Card Reader and move them to the hard drive, it can wipe clean the Card quickly for the next photo shot, or format the card. Fast View will do this for you in just seconds.

Click here for screen shot

I find the rename feature just great. As I view my photos of my last adventure, I can easily rename my photos from DSCN0061.jpg to Paris Hotel and Fast View will add the file extension for me. I no longer need to click on "File" and then Save as and then have to go find the original file and rename it or delete it. Fast View does all that for me.

..View all your favorite graphic files, bmp, gif, jpg, jpeg, wmf , even Icons and more. View text files txt, ini, inf, sys, dat, log, and more, and it's fast!

....If you use graphics this is a great way to view your files or to clean out you computer of the files you no longer want using the delete button.

Updated February 14, 2003