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FATMon is not a repair tool, it a monitor of the File Allocation Table ( FAT - FAT32 ). It tells you when it maybe starting to become damaged; so you have time to run Scandisk to repair, it before it is too late.

FATMon is the only utility available today that can monitor the File Allocation Table and your System resources while you work in Windows. You can do your work without effecting FATMon and without FATMon effecting your work. It will not slow your computer down or hog your CPU.

FATMon watches for changes in the FAT, when changes reach the setup limits FATMon pops up and notifies you. If you have not just added or deleted a major program then you know you may have a disk error. It even monitors the changes in the FAT from the time you shut down until you reboot. It will tell you if the change is caused by a Swap File change or if you just emptied the Recycle Bin.

Once the FAT is corrupted your files start to be marked as free space. This means that they disappear or become corrupted. Their space is available to overwrite and if it looses the information about enough files you will need to Fdisk, format and maybe even low level format your hard drive.

FATMon can be set to also watch for clusters being written to. Meaning, some program is writing files to your hard drive. Some viruses will create huge files or mark clusters as used; filling up your hard drive so that Windows crashes and you cannot reboot to Windows.

If you do not know what FAT is you may want to learn more about it and why it can destroy all your files if you do not know the table has been corrupted. Read our page What IS FAT.

Updated January 31, 2003