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NOTE: YOU MUST SETUP an account in MY CHECK before you can use the software.


Once you have an account setup, you will be able to print customers' checks. You can accept checks from your customer via fax, phone, email, web site, or an agreement for reoccurring payments. You will find the laws governing the acceptance of checks and your bank required to accept them without a signature at

To setup your account, click on the button Setup Account; fill in all the windows that appear. If you do not know what the Branch or the Reserve numbers are click on Save Information. You will be asked for an account nick name. The account nick names can be no larger than 15 characters. The nick name is only displayed in the account window, not on your checks. The software will then need to be restarted.

If you did not enter the Branch or Reserve numbers: When you restart, select your account nick name and click on New Check and then Display Check. Now click on the menu Bar Item Edit >Edit Account Information. Open your existing check book, look for some small printing with numbers that are formatted like:
In this example, the 555 is the Branch number, the 63 is the reserve number. If you still have a problem identifying these numbers, place an X in the Reserve window and click on Display check. You will clearly see where the Reserve number belongs. The Branch number is not required if your current checks do not have one. The Branch number is normally 1 to 5 digits.

You may add as many accounts as you wish. To add additional accounts, you will find Add New Account in the drop down accounts window. When this is selected the New Check button will display Setup Account, repeat the above process.

You should now view Customizing and Adjustments for setting up the magnetic numbers.

Account Number

The Account Number and Routing Number can be customized to accept non-US account numbers. The account number can be up to 20 digits. To insert A use an A, to insert B use a B to insert C use a C, to insert D use a D.

Note: Sorting Number is a Routing Number - The Check number does not need any special characters around it if it is printed as the last group of numbers on the bottom of the check. Non US Checks do not need a Reserve Number of Branch Number

Deposits and Balances

Deposits and balances can be setup and edited using the menu bar item Banking > Edit Account Balance, is self explanatory.

You have two options when it comes to making a deposit and entering it into the database. You can use the menu bar item Banking >Make Deposit or Banking >Import On Line Banking.

Make Deposit:
You can manually enter each deposit. This will add to the account balance of the account displayed in the My Check window.

Import On Line Banking:
On Line Banking adds to the balance in the database, it can be used with or without Make Deposit.
The Import On Line Banking imports QIF files, either 2 digits or 4 digits. A screen is displayed showing all transactions to be imported. It automatically un-checks normal counter credits, which are your deposits. On the debit side of the screen it will un-checks any checks that you written. It places a check next to all other transactions such as bank fees, credit card deposits, and transfers.

When using Import On Line Banking and not use the Make Deposit method, you will need to use the Select All button on the deposits side.

Customizing and Adjustments

After you have setup your own checking account,  This option is found under the menu bar item Style. Now you need to verify that the MICA font has been installed.

  1. Click on the New Check button, click on Display Check.

  2. Look at the account and routing number line at the bottom of the check on the screen. If the numbers look like A000056789A instead of A000056789A (if both of the examples look the same then the font is not installed) then the MICA font is not installed or you need to reboot to load the font. The software should check for this font installation automatically, and install it, if it is not already.

  3. Select the Style of the check you want to print, business size or personal size. Menu bar item Style > Personal Size Check

  4. You must now adjust the routing and account numbers at the bottom on the check. Place a blank check or blank 8.5 X 11 sheet of paper in your printer.

  5. Using the Menu bar item Customize > Magnetic Numbers > Print Sample Check, print a sample check.

  6. The top of the account number should be 3/8" from the bottom tear line of the check. If it is not use the menu bar item Customize > Magnetic Numbers > Adjust Magnetic Numbers to move the line up or down.

When you switch check styles for business size to personal you may need to readjust the magnetic numbers. Please note that this adjustment is set for ALL CHECKS, all checks will print using the same setting.

You can customize the check with:

If you want your check printed with any of these options you must also check the appropriate item under Printing.

To print on blank paper and not blank check stock, you will need to use Customize > Add a Background. Once you have selected and saved the background you must select the option Printing > Print on Blank Paper

To print on blank check stock you will need to have blank check stock which comes 3 checks to a sheet (8.5 X 11) OR 1 check with a stub to a sheet. You must select the option Printing > Print on Check Stock, else a background will be printed. Personal size checks automatically print the stub to the left side of the check, so this option has no effect on how a personal size check is printed.

If you are printing on check stock without a stub, select the menu bar item Style > Print No Stub. To print on check stock with a stub you must select Style > Print With Stub. Payroll check will automatically print with a stub no matter what your setting are.

A driver's license number can be print under your name and address. To do so start a new check in My Check and then click on the menu item Edit > Edit Driver License Number

Ordering Check Stock

To order blank check stocks, we have supplied you with a link to a site that you can order check stock from. We are not associated with this site. The link is simple there for your convenience. You can also find blank check stock at Staples and Office Max.

Recalling Information

You can quickly recall a check and print it.

My Check:
To print a check for a payee that has already been issued a check

  1. Use the menu bar item Search > My Check

  2. Do a search for all checks or by Payee, or by the month or day.

  3. Double click on the check you want in the report window.

  4. Click on the button Make New Check for Payee. All the information will be inserted for you. It will put the dollar amount in and the same information you had in the note field that was on the check you selected.

Customer Check:
If you have reoccurring payments from a customer or a customer that orders regularly and has you print his check; you do not need to fill in all the information. Simply recall the check.

  1. Use the menu bar item Search > Customer Check.

  2. Do a search for all checks or by the month or day, or customer number.

  3. Double click on the check you want in the report window.

  4. Click on the button Make Check for this Customer


Printing Checks

The software will always print to the default printer. Envelopes can be set to print to a different printer if you have a dedicated envelope printer. See the envelope screen.

You will notice that there are two areas to the right of the screen. My Check and Customer Check. My Check refers to your company or personal checks. Customer Check refers to accepting a check from a customer that you are going to print.

You may also wish to see Customizing

To print My Check:
Click on New Check; click on Insert Check and fill in the windows that have been displayed in the Check window. Click on Display Check and verify the check. If you need to make any changes click on Insert Check to reopen the windows. The check will be printed exactly as you see it on screen, without the background if you have selected Print on Check Stock. To print the check, click on Print Check. The amount that the check is for will automatically be deducted from your balance in the database, on the account that the check is drawn on.

When printing with a stub the entire Memo field is included on the stub, as well as the payee, payer, date, check number, and the amount.

To start a new check at any time, click on the Cancel button or Next Check.

To print a Customer Check:
Click on the Take a Check button, and fill in the windows that have been display. You must include at least the customers Name, check number, routing number, and account number.
Then click on Insert Check and fill in the windows that have been display in the Check. If you have not already set up a Payee, select Add a Payee from the drop down window in the Payee field.

If your customer is not signing the check, you must also include a notice of how the check was authorized, as well as a date and time. You will also need to include a statement, "No Signature Required" Select the menu bar item Printing > Print No Signature Required.

Click on Display Check and verify the check. If you need to make any changes click on Insert Check to reopen the windows. To print the check, click on Print Check. The amount of the check is not added to your account automatically. You will need to add the check as a deposit or allow the Import On Line Banking function to add it to your balance.

When printing with a stub the entire Memo field is included on the stub, as well as the payee, payer, date, check number, and the amount.

To start a new check at any time, click on the Cancel button.

Reprinting a Check:
A check can be reprinted once it has been printed once. You will not be able to change the date or the amount. To reprint a check you must do a search for it, even if you just attempted to print it and the printer failed. To reprint once the check has been searched for click on it in the search window, will will be displayed. Then select the Menu Item Printing > Reprint This Check.

This feature is included with the software for the sole purpose of reprinting a check that failed to print the first time. However it will reprint any check.

Obtaining Banks Name

If you have a routing number Instant Check can tell you the bank name. You must have a current internet connection. Select the Menu Item Options > Get Bank Name from Routing #.

If you are printing a customer check insert the routing number into the Routing Number field and then obtain the bank name. The name will automatically be inserted if the bank name field is empty.

Printing Blank Checks without Dates

You can print blank checks without dates. This allows you to print checks and store them, as you would a check book. The checks can be printed with or without the lines for the payee, dollar amount, script dollar amount and date. You can use these business size checks with many 3rd party programs such as Quicken, QuickBooks, and MS Money.

To print non-dated check, select the account in the My Check window, click on New Check and then Display Check. The menu bar item Printing > Print Blank Checks - without Date is now enabled, click on it.

After you use one of these Checks you can add the information into the software using the menu bar item Printing > Add Non Printed Checks to the Database.


Reports can be generated for any search that is performed for Checking. There are four main types of searches that can be performed under the menu bar item Search. Each one of these will allow you to perform a variety of different searches.

Auto Print Envelopes and Checks

Create a CSV file using Excel or Notepad and name it as the nickname of the account as show in the My Check window ; Example: Lida.corp.csv. Save the file in the Instant Check Folder. Each envelope to be printed must be on its own line.

Excel - 1st column is the Payee name
2nd column -name of the company or person to mail the check to
3rd column is street address
4th column is the city
5th column is the state
6th column is the zip code
A 7th column can be used optionally for a country; but the column must start with a star (*).

Notepad - using the Excel example, use a coma, without spaces, to designate the end of a column. Do not use a coma at the end of the line. DO NOT use any comas in any part of the name or address.
Example: The Payee name as on the check,Company name to mail the check to
,The company's street address,The company's state,The company's zip code,(optionally) *The company's country (notice the star in front of the country. If a country is not required do not create the field.

If the CSV file that matches the account nickname is found in the Instant Check folder then the menu item Open CSV File will be enabled. If the payee name( not case sensitive) is found in the 1st column of the csv file; the envelope will be created immediately after printing a check.

My Check:
You can use this option when you would like to print several checks automatically.

NOTE: You cannot use both Auto Print Envelopes and Auto Print My Check at the same time.

Create a CSV file using Excel or Notepad following the guide lines for comas in the envelope section above. You can name the file any name you like so long as it has a csv file extension. The format for the file is: The payee,dollar amount (169.33),the expense type,memo. The line should look like this: Payee,169.33,General,For Account #111

Do not use spaces on either side of the comas. The format must contain 3 comas

If no memo is used, use a coma after the expense type.
The line should look like this: Payee

Each Check to be printed must be on its own line. If the format is incorrect the auto printing will stop.

All checks in this file will be printed, be sure you have enough check stock sheets in you printer to print the amount of check you want.

Remember, you must have one sheet of blank check stock in the printer for each check you want to print.


Take A Check:
You can use this option when you would like to print several checks automatically.

Please review the above section on Auto Printing My Check. Then create the csv file using the following format. If the field is to be empty use a coma. Example: Name,,,,,Phone,etc

(Spaces are used in the following format only to present the format neatly; do not use spaces on either side of the comas. Do not use comas in any field.
Customer's Name on check
, Customers Street Address, City, State, Zip, Customers Phone, Bank's Name, Bank's Address, City, State, Zip, Phone, Routing Number, Account Number, Customer's Check Number, Branch Number, Reserve Number, Type of Authorization and date & time (I.E>Letter on file 1/3/2009 Or Fax 1/3/2009 12:31 AM), Memo, Dollar Amount, Optionally The customer's ID account number you use to find your customer

The format must have 20 comas.

Click on Take A Check, then click on the button Insert Check and select the payee. Now select the menu item Options > Auto Print Customer's Checks.

Sample Database

The Sample Database can be open by selecting the menu bar item File > Open and select Sample.isd You are able to enter new information into this database without having it in your own company's database. This is the database you should use while learning to use Instant Check.

Ordering Instant Check

All software is at our web site To order this or any other software from EASY DESK Software

Instant Check

Copy this section and paste into Notepad then fill in the blanks. Make Checks payable to The Easy Desk Software. Inc. Instant Check software is $39.95.   If you wish a CD copy mailed to you add $9.50 US funds in the USA, $12.50 outside the USA. If you send a check drawn on a non US bank include $10.00 US Funds (to avoid this charge you can send American Express Checks or Postal money orders for US funds). Mail payment to Easy Desk Software. Inc (see address below). Registrations are usually emailed within 24 hours of receipt of funds.  If you have any questions with regard to our software write to us at our email address or phone us at (772) 978-1938

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