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This page is a copy of the Purchase Order help file.

Help for Purchase Orders


Authorizing Payment
Customizing a PO
Reorder Items


To start using the Purchase Order screen, the Billing and Receivables department must setup a company. Any company that is setup in Billing will be available to Purchasing.

Expense categories are setup by the Checking and Banking department. If the category you need is not listed you must ask the Checking department to add it.

Vendors / Suppliers can be added in both the Inventory and Purchasing departments. Depending on the size of your company, the Purchasing department should be the department to approve the supplier.

When you add a supplier, you must add your account number, the field labeled "Account #". Your account number is the number the supplier has assigned you, normal displayed on their invoice and statements. The "Suppliers #" field cannot be altered, the software assigns this number; it is for internal use only.

An internal note can be added to any purchase order once it is printed. Noting a partial shippment, or any other notes you may need to make for the PO. Use the memu bar item Edit PO > Notes for PO.

The software will always print to the default printer. Envelopes can be set to print to a different printer if you have a dedicated envelope printer.


The purchase order can be customized with your company logo. To add a logo to your invoice, use the menu bar item Customize > Add Logo to Invoice. To have the logo printed on your invoice that you saved in Add Logo to Invoice; you must select Print Logo on Invoice. You may at any time unselect printing the logo or reselect printing the logo.

Under the menu bar item Edit PO you will find other quick edits for a purchase order.

You can add your companies URL to all PO using Edit PO > Change Web Address

Reorder Items

When ever the Inventory department orders a item, it will be send directly to Purchasing. The Purchasing screen scans for these requisitions every couple of minutes. When a requisition is found the Items to Reorder button becomes available.

If the requisition is a part, clicking on it will load the supplier to the screen. Right clicking on the item will allow you to add it to the purchase order or delete it.

If the requisiton line in the window starts with "<", the user ordering it did not know the supplier's number. These requisitons are not listed in the Inventory database, or the user did not know the supplier's number. The last entry on this line will show what department made the requisition. If no department is displayed, it is a stock item in the Inventory department.

This type of requisition will not load the correct supplier. You must ensure that the item is from the supplier displayed. When the requisition is added to the PO it will be loaded to the editing windows at the bottom of the screen, rather than directly into the PO.

An internal note can be added to any purchase order once it is printed. Noting a partial shippment, or any other notes you may need to make for the PO. Use the memu bar item Edit PO > Notes for PO

Authorizing Payment

When a shipment is delivered you can authorize payment for the total amount or for partial payment. To accomplish this, use the menu bar item Edit PO > Mark PO Received and select Complete or Partial. A note will automatically be generated and saved for the PO showing the date the PO was completed or partially, along with your notes.

An entry will be made in the payables database telling the Payables department how much to pay and when it is due.

Mark PO Paid does not tell the Payables department to pay the PO. Mark PO Paid is done when the Payables department sends you a notice that they have paid this PO.

A PO must be Pending in order to Mark PO Void. A PO must be Partial or Pending to Mark Completed. Once the PO is completed, then it can be Mark PO Paid.