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This page is a copy of the Passwords help file

You will notice that you can set seven different passwords. Passwords are set for security levels; not for individuals. If you have several employees that will access the same screen they will all need to use the same password.

If you use passwords, each password must be unique for each level. You must set at least the Administrator's password if passwords are used. It is advised that each user has a different user name when logged onto their computer. This will enabled you to tell who did what and when, as the software will keep track of it.

When passwords are used and a user logs on to the software, they will be sent directly to the associated department screen. They will not have access to other departments, unless they are told the other departments passwords.

The administrator has access to everything except the ability to delete a Cash Invoice, a printed check or printed purchase order.

The supervisor password has access to everything except the changing of Passwords and the ability to reopen an open, paid, or voided invoice, and cannot delete an Invoice or ticket. This password cannot manually add a credit to a customers account. Credits will automatically be issued through the software if an overpayment is made. This password also cannot delete a Cash Invoice, a printed check or printed purchase order. However, the supervisor password does have a lot of freedom, so use caution when issuing this password to your employees.

All other passwords have additional limitations on their screen, as what they cannot access, alter or view without a supervisor's password. Example, the Invoice password cannot delete an invoice, add or edit a company. The inventory password cannot lower a stock count and cannot delete a stock item.

The supervisor or administrator can log onto a users machine to assist and then log off without the user having to close the software or log off.

If no passwords are used, everyone has asccess to everything.

Registered Name:
In the event that a user installs this software and enters an incorrect Registered Name for the database. It can only be reset from the password screen. Use the Add User menu bar item. You can obtain the EXACT registered name from any main screen under the menu bar item Help > Registered Name. You must enter the EXACT Registered Name to add a user. Note: The databases are encrpyted and password protected. Without the use of the software, they cannot be accessed.

Invoicing - Billing and Receivables password:
Although this screen allows the user to alter invoices before they are paid. The invoice will be stamped as edited by the
computer user's name. The Invoice password does not allow the user to reopen or delete an invoice. If the invoice is not edited, it will be marked as created by the computer user's name.

The user cannot alter a cash ticket; a cash ticket is Invoice number 1111777 or the customers name is Cash. This account number and name are designed into the software for protection against altering or deleting a cash ticket once it has been printed. This account number cannot be tracked to a single customer; so consideration should be used before having employees use it. If you do use it for a regular customer, the invoice number cannot be changed later. The only option available for a cash ticket is to void it.

Parts and Sales password:
Each user that creates a sales ticket will have the ticket stamped with their
computer user's name and the date and time they created the ticket. There are no limitations on this screen other then accessing a different department. This screen can only create and save a pending ticket. It cannot be printed from this screen.

Banking and Checking password:
This user has access to payroll and payables. Payroll and Payables can only be access from the Banking and Checking screen. This user does not have access to receivables. If you use one employee to do both jobs you will need to give this person both passwords.