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This page is a copy of the Payroll help file.


To add an employee:
In the Employee's Information area, select Add Employee. Fill in the windows for the address, city state zip, Social Security, Date of Birth and the date the employee started employment. Select Single or Married and the number of dependents the employee is claiming. Fill in the Earning's information and select the Pay Period. Click on the button Save Employee.

An option to import employees from a prior year's database is available under the menu bar item Options.

Calculating Taxes:
The Federal tax table is already installed. If you order the Payroll option the tax table will be updated for you each year. The State tax must be installed by the user. Click on the button State in the tax column to display the state tax chart. See the Sample database for an example of how to set it up. You can also click on the yellow question mark with the blue background found on the upper left corner on the State Tax Chart screen; for a visual explanation.
You have an option to import a state tax table from a prior year's database, if you have not already tried to make entries. You will find this under the menu bar item Options.

Once you have entered all the taxes to be deducted from the pay check, you must click on Calculate to determine the correct amount that the check will be printed for.

The Adjustment tax is for earning that are exempt. The amount entered in this field will be deducted from the gross earning before any taxes are figured. If you use the example that is displayed when you first open the Payroll window; click Calculate, look at the figures displayed in the Earnings area.
Now add 10.00 to the adjustments, click calculate and you will see exactly how Adjustments work.

Printing the Payroll Check:
Any changes made to the employee's information, such as the rate of pay, the employee's address, or marital status will be saved when the check is printed. The raise you may have just given the employee will be automatically inserted in this window for the next pay period. If you need to reprint a pay check for an employee you will find this option available under the Printing menu bar item.

Payroll checks will be charged against the account name displayed in the My Check Accounts window on the Checking and Banking screen. They will be added to the database with the expense type "Payroll".

Special Notes:
Each year a new Payroll database must be installed. Federal taxes change and for account purposes you do not want to run more then one year per database. Your accountant or supervisor may open the previous year for auditing. The software will not allow any new payroll checks to be added to it.

You can order a new Payroll database in December of each year. See the menu bar item Help > Order Database

Under the menu bar item Search > Show Taxes Due, you can obtain the amount of taxes collected. Select the quarter to search after you have printed the last payroll check for that quarter. A report may be printed to be saved for your accountant. All other information that you need is displayed on screen when you select an employee.