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This page is a copy the Parts and Sales help file


Internal: An internal is a ticket that is used for internal use only. Example: Your company sells cars. You sell a used car to a customer, and create a sales ticket number 123456. The car needs some repairs, and the parts or service department needs to open a ticket for the repair. The parts department will start a new ticket numbered 123457 and reference the ticket number 123456 in the internal window.

The internal repairs and parts will not appear on the customers invoice; and the parts and labor can be accounted for. The parts will be removed from inventory when the ticket is marked completed by billing.

Since this is an internal ticket it will not get printed, it will get marked completed when the job is done. You may have as many internal tickets for any invoice as needed.

To start a new sales ticket you must enter the customers account number. If you currently do not use account numbers use the customers phone number. Example: 561-465-8892 would be entered as 5614658892. This will ensure that each customer has a unique customer number; and it is easy for the customer to remember.

Once the database has been populated with customers, you can enter the customer number in the recall window to quickly see if the customer has any open or pending tickets. New sales tickets can been automatically filled in with the customers information when the account number is entered into the Invoice filed.

Sales may add or alter a pending ticket, but not an open invoice. The Billing department can add and alter an open invoice, or you need to have a supervisor reopen the invoice.

To edit a pending ticket, recall the customer, find the pending ticket you want to alter in the window; then double click the ticket. The sales order will reappear, then select the menu bar item Edit > Edit Sales Order. You are now able to edit the Sales Order. Double clicking on an item will display a popup menu.

The software will recognize a cash ticket if the sales order number is 1111777. For more on a cash ticket see the help file in the Password screen.

The Description field has Key words reserved for it. See the menu bar item Help > Key Words. You may use other description in this field as well.