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QikFix is a "shareware program" and is provided at no charge to the user for evaluation. Feel free to share it with your friends, but you may not give it away altered or as part of another system without written permission from the Easy Desk Software. The essence of "user-supported" software is to provide
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Other software Available:

Other software Available:

Registry Drill : This utility will drill through the Registry looking for  files, URLs, programs, and more, that are no longer on your system. It takes the Registry and goes through it character by character looking for bad keys and characters as well. If it finds anything it tells if the key was a standard Windows key, a third party software key, or an Internet Explorer key. If it is part of a Windows key it will tell you that the value was added. This is the tool to use when you can no longer fix the Registry you have, cause it not only cleans the Registry but then it will reinstall Windows with a brand new Registry and then import all the old - cleaned information.   $39.95 US funds For all versions of  Windows

Registry Watch : A utility that monitors the Registry for changes. It can undo and changes that it tracks and will even uninstall files if a snapshot is made with Perfect Companion. Great uninstaller. For all versions of Windows 29.95 US funds

RegRepair 2000: The ultimate system utility. Restores the Registry back to the day you first installed Windows. Reinstalling Windows does not do this. RegRepair 2000 can also fix IOS errors without having to format your hard drive. Reinstalling Windows does not always fix this error. RegRepair 2000 can be used to find files that are corrupted and cannot boot. $29.95 US funds

RegMedic: You will never need to reinstall Windows again because of a registry problem. RegMedic can rebuilt your registry from scratch in minutes, without deleting it or removing any of your other software. RegMedic is like reinstalling windows. $39.95 US funds.

Perfect Companion: Available for NT platform also. This utility does two things. First it cleans up the Windows Registry removing invalid keys that are left over from uninstalling software. If you use an uninstaller it still leaves class keys, Interface keys and installed file keys in the Registry. No other utility can do what Perfect Companion can do. It also can monitor an installation of new software and tell you what file have been replace with older versions as well as which files have been added, deleted or modified. Most uninstaller can not do this either. $29.95 US funds

Set Point : Automatically create system restore points in Windows XP And ME. Select any time of day & any number of days apart, you'll never be without a current restore again. $15.00 US funds.

System Sentry: Available for NT platform also. A multifaceted tool that allows you to optimize your operating system and keep it running as smoothly as possible. It's powerful, thorough, and easy to use.. It maintains a Database of all your system files, and compares those files to those from your original Windows installation or the last save file list it creates. If subsequent program creates conflicts, System Sentry provides an easy means of locating and curing the problem. It also allows you to find duplicate system files, and provides a means of eliminating duplicates that you don't need. It allows you to align 32-bit programs and .dll files so that they load more quickly (Win 98-only). Other features include 16-bit CRC checks, easy-to-use file association tools, and support for protecting selected system files that you don't want overwritten. $29.95 US funds

Fast View: A simple to use program that views most types of picture files (Bmps, gif, wmf, jpg, and more), icon files, and all text files automatically. Has a delete command to help clean up your computer,
and a timer for setting the time to view files from 1 second to? $20.00 US funds

WinSafe 2001: A fail-safe utility for restarting Windows in case of corruption of vital files or crash. Nothing stops WinSafe 98 except a power failure. $29.95 US funds

Instant Check: An easy to use check writing utility for receiving or sending a check over the phone, via fax or e-mail. Ideal for small business or the individual who wants to print their own checks. $49.95

QikFix: The Swiss Army knife of utilities. Comprised of 7 different tools. A file shredded - a memory manager and diagnostic utility - a wizard to close all programs before installing new software (everyone has asked for this) - a file verifier - an expand/compress files wizard - a system optimization wizard - and a rapid system information screen
. $ 29.95

Font Toolbox: A utility that allows you to view all fonts and compare as well as make fonts to custom sizes and colors, orientations to 360 degrees and makes transparent fonts as well. You can place them on any bitmap at any angle and even make 3D fonts. Ideal for anyone who works with graphics, fonts, or just needs to view their fonts for a word processor. $24.95 US funds

Plus Splash Screens: This is a complete set of the matching splash screens that Microsoft forgot to make with their desktop themes. It include all 12 themes, each theme contains 2 animated Startup
screens [1 with text and 1 without], 1 Please Wait, and 1 Shut Down $5.00 US funds

Freeware Available:
Rename the Recycle Bin: Renames and changes the icons for the Recycle Bin and My Computer without having to edit the registry. FREE

Toilèt.zip : 4 Icons, 2 sound waves and instructions to change the Recycle Bin to a Toilèt or a Garbagè pail. FREE

Change.zip: Changes all splash screens for desktop themes at a click of a button. We also have all the splash screens that are not included in the MS PLUS themes