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So RegEdit Won't Open? - Windows Registry Editor Not Working?

So RegEdit won't open!. Your Task Manager doesn't open; or maybe System Restore doesn't work either. This should teach you not to download that all that crapware. Did you just think the advertising was really that good? Or did you just got taken in by some review site that told you the best Registry Cleaner is brand X? Maybe you tried a free Spyware scan that did nothing more then mess up your computer! And that can be why RegEdit won't open!

No problem, we can fix RegEdit not opening, the Task Manger being disabled and even System Restore not working for you. I will explain to you how to fix it, but if RegEdit won't open, (doesn't open), you will not be able to do edit the Registry! So what good is me telling you how to fix your problem? I'll just have to fix it for you, and I will.

I'll tell you how to fix the Registry anyway, since you came here looking for an answer. There are certain keys in the Registry that tells Windows not allow users access to some features, such as RegEdit, Task Manger, System Restore, the Run Window, and even access to the Task Bar. These keys maybe located in either or both Registry Hives HKEY_CURRENT_USER and HKEY_LOCAL_ MACHINE. The Key names are SOFTWARE\ Policies\ Microsoft\ Windows NT\ SystemRestore
Software\ Policies \Microsoft\ Internet Explorer\ Restrictions and
Software\ Microsoft\ Windows\ CurrentVersion\ Policies\ System

and they Value Names are DisableSR - DisableTaskMgr - DisallowRun - DisableRegistryTools and one more nasty trick these Trojans use is NoControlPanel, which stops you from opening the Control Panel.

If any of these Value Names exist at any of the Keys and the Data Value equals 1 then the item is disabled for your use. You need to either edit the Registry and set the Data Value to zero or delete the Value Name. If you cannot open RegEdit you will need software to edit the Registry for you or use a remote Registry Editor.

I am not aware of any software other than Special Agent P. C. Secure that looks for these disabled items. P.C. Secure looks for these Registry Keys every time it starts up. If it finds one, it will prompt you to fix it, and a lucky thing for you, P.C. Secure will fix them for free. P.C. Secure will look for problems like Regedit or the Task Manager being disable, along with the other items we just discussed the moment it starts up.

To download P.C. Secure just click on the advertising to the left. This free repair is a thank you for visiting Easy Desk Software.

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