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Thinking about upgrading to Window 7?

If you have Windows Vista and don't hate it, you may want to upgrade to Windows 7. Windows 7, looks just like Vista, feels like Vista, is it Vista? I cannot tell the difference by looking at the two side by side. But the kernel is different, Vista is 6.00 and 7 is 6.10; so there must be something different !

However, I see a big difference in the amount of annoying messages, telling me that I don't have permission to delete a file I just created. I can get the same results from Vista if I disable the UAC (User Account Control).

If you do not currently have Vista, you should read me newsletter about Vista.

After playing with Windows 7 Beta for about three weeks now, it is definitely a little faster than Vista in opening software windows, but slower to bootup. I have Vista and 7 on the same machine so I can dual boot for comparison.

I still prefer XP as a power user. I use the Windows Explorer to work in. I rarely use the Desktop or Start > Program menu. The Explorer in Windows 7 is the same as Vista, and no option to change to the classic style. Your stuck with a large bar at the top with an Address window, Search window, and a unless menu bar, consuming about 1⅝" on a 17" monitor. Along with another 1⅝" at the bottom for some stupid graphic and worthless Favorites box in the upper left hand corner. This is all fine and dandy when you watching videos but Real Estate is expensive and should not be wasted when your working for a living.

Windows 7 still does not give the Administrator or a user that is an administrator enough permissions to control your own machine. You'll need a Registry Tool like Registry Drill to reset permissions in the Registry in order to get much of your existing software to run correctly.

If you are a power user you will notice within the first few moments, is that Vista is not easy to change settings and views. Everything is hidden. In fact you will find that even when logged on as the Administrator, which is disabled by default, you do not have permissions to do what you would like.

Window 7 still have the same draw backs as Vista. You need a powerful computer; a great graphics card or if will not let you view videos. It still puts all those hidden files and folders that Vista dose that cannot be seen. These folders are in the MFT either.

Most corporate users did not want Vista and stuck with XP. Windows 2008 server has the same drawbacks as Vista because it uses the same Kernel as Vista. So Windows 2008 was not a big hit and most companies stayed with Windows 2003 server. I think corporate America will avoid Windows 7 also, since it still has an over abundance of permission level requirements.

Microsoft wants corporate America to move to Windows 7 so they have created the XP service pack 3 with a installer that will not allow you to reinstall or repair XP without uninstalling SP3 or formatting. The setup file is Winnt32.exe from SP2, so once SP3 is installed you cannot install the recovery console to Windows. The next thing that MS did was to announce they are stopping support for XP. These two factors will force computer manufactures to stop offering XP as an alternative to Vista and Window 7.

I have noticed that Window 7 does have a major bug. I notice that every now and then a folder will have it's permissions reset to not allow anyone to read/view the contains. This has happen twice in 3 weeks to My Documents and Settings folder. I also have had people emailed me telling the same story, but not limited to the My Documents folder. They complain about all sorts of their files being set to Read Only, and they cannot reset them through normal means. Is this a bug or is Microsoft trying to protect us from ourselves? If you have this problem also you'll need a Registry Tool like Registry Drill to reset the permissions.



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