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Locked out of Windows because of a Corrupt Registry?

So you did not made a backup of the 7 or Vista Registry, and you're locked out of Windows. Ok, relax, this is not the end of the world, your documents and software will still be there when we get you back into Windows, so long as you do not use the System Restore.

As you remember in XP, when you most need System Restore to work, it failed. So here we have the solution to the problem and you will not lose any recent additions to you computer.

However you going to need the Windows CD or should I say the DVD. Insert the DVD and boot to it. It will come up witht the Windows instaallation window . You have an option on this screen to repair your computer, select it.

Now you have two choices you can use, "Startup Repair" and "Command Prompt". The Startup Repair does not always work. So lets use the Command Prompt.

At the X:\Sources prompt type the following, pressing the enter button after each command

  1. C: (change the C to your Windows drive letter)
  2. CD Windows (change the word Windows to the name of your Windows folder if different)
  3. CD System32\config
  4. Ren Software Software.sav (change the word Software to the file you need such as System, Default, SAM, Security, or Components)
  5. CD Regback
  6. Copy Software ..\

If you need an older version of the Registry you should find a copy of each file named Filename.old in the Regback Folder.

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