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Make Your Own Windows 7 or Vista Registry Backup that Windows doesn't change

To make a backup of the Registry that you can install yourself is really quite easy. You should have one that Windows is not controlling in the event you ever need one and System Restore fails, which is common.

Simply open the Window Explorer (The Windows key + E key on your keyboard) and locate your Windows folder and open it. Scroll down to the System32 folder and open it. Scroll down to Config and right click it. Select New > Folder. Name the folder something like MyBackup. Now open the Config folder and locate the Regback folder.

Copy all the filename.old files into your new folder (MyBackup). You will not be able to copy the files that do not have extensions. And you do not need to copy any of the filename.log or filename.log# files.

You're done, wasn't that easy? You're now ready for a failed bootup due to a corrupt Registry. To install these files you ned to read this newsletter.


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