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What is the Best Registry Fix?

Ok, so you have been searching for the best Registry fix it tool available. And every site is either telling their product is the best, or giving reviews on the top 5.

I going to tell you what is the best way to fix a Registry and what the best Registry cleaner can do for you. Notice I used the word Cleaner. If it says automaticallyor claims that it's so easy anyone can use it - it's not a Registry Fix or Registry Repair, it's a cleaner.

I have been writing Registry repair tools and cleaners since 1996. Easy Desk was one of the first companies to develop Registry tools. In 1996 your choice was Norton, VertiSoft, or Easy Desk. Norton sold out to Symantec and VeriSoft sold its' Registry and Windows repair tools, like Fix-It and Remove-It to Symantec also. However, Symantec never used their tools, but it did use the Norton name.

Now, if you think you are going to try a Registry cleaner to fix a Registry problem; you are likely find that it did not fix any Registry problem. Cleaners merely remove obsolete entries that point to deleted or missing files. The best Registry cleaner may speed up your computer a little, only if there is a urge amount of obsolete entries. But since it is a cleaner and not a repair tool, it is not going to fix your problem. Most Registry cleaners that label themelves as Registry repair software are really just cleaners. If it is automatic, it's a cleaner. So don't believe everything you read at those review sites. Their best Registry fix software cannot fix anything. They are just trying to sell you their product or someone else's software that they are getting a commission on. After all, a deleted or missing file that is causing a problem is not a Registry problem that needs to be fixed. It's a file that needs to be replaced.

Real Registry problems need Keys repaired, modified, or added, not deleted. Repairs can only be done with user intervenion. Even if the software makes the repair, you need to point the software to the problem. And in many cases you need to change the Key's permissions, not delete the Key. Registry cleaners don't do any of this; they clean your Registry and fix your shortcuts on your Desktop, this is not fixing the Registry.

So let me tell you what is best Registry fix if you have a Registry problem. Format, and start over! If you do not mind reinstalling all your software, that is. If you have no technical knowledge about Windows, formatting maybe one of the very few ways to get it fixed. But before formatting your hard drive, I would suggest that you try a couple of things first. If you have a little technical knowledge you have several more options.

So let's start with the easy stuff. If you have Windows ME or XP, try using System Restore. System Restore just seems to fail when you need it the most. If it does fail to fix the problem or it just fails the do a restore; try creating a new user and logon as the new user. If this fixes your problem, then you have a Registry problem in the NTUser.dat file for your user name. You will find how to replace this file at this newsletter.

If you have Windows 2008, Vista or Windows 7 get the CD out and do a repair. Every time I used the repair, it failed to find anything wrong. So I just install a backup of the Registry. If you have a backup you can try installing the backup Registry. Normally you need to replace the Software System files only.

If you have Windows 2000 or 2003, I know you must have made a backup of the Registry! Didn't you???? Well, if not let's move on.

If you do not have a backup or do not know how to restore the Registry, you can try is to reinstall Windows, using the R option, to repair Windows. If the R option fails to fix your Registry, which is very possible; you may need to use a Registry repair tool like Registry Drill, if you have some technical knowledge.

Or, you will need to reinstall Windows as a clean install. This will save most, if not all of your personal files from being deleted; but you will need to reinstall all your software. A clean install is offered during the setup. It removes the Windows files and replaces them with new ones. Formatting the drive is optional so do not let setup format the hard drive, formatting is the last resort.

If you do not like or want to use the clean install option, you will need to fix the Registry. But how do you know what Key needs to be fixed and how to fix it? You can try reading Registry Drill's help file; which is almost a tutorial of the Registry. You can use Registry Drill to reset permissions, locate many errors and fix them. Here again, you are going to need to have at least a small amount of technical knowledge to use any Registry repair tool. Please remember repair tools are not cleaners, although Registry Drill does have a few automatic cleaning tools.

I must be honest with you. There have been a few times during my career at Easy Desk, that even I could not find the problem in the Registry and eventually succumbed; and did a clean install of Windows.

Let's summarize what are the best Registry fixes available.

  1. Try System Restore
  2. Install a backup of the Registry
  3. Reinstall Windows using the repair option R
  4. Use a Registry repair tool that does repairs
  5. Do a Clean install of Windows
  6. Format and install Windows


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