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Don't format Windows again!

So you think it is time to format? Well try this method first, it will save you a great amount of time and work. Let's assume your current Windows folder is named C:\Windows. While in DOS, rename the Windows folder to something like Winold, and then install Windows to a new folder named Windows. Now you have a clean installation of Windows, and the new Windows will have installed many of your setting from you old Windows Registry. Because the setup program will see and read the old registry.

To accomplish this you will need to get to a DOS prompt. If your Windows is no a NTFS drive, you will not be able to rename your existing Windows folder, you will need to install Windows to a new folder with a different name. And none of your setting will be imported to the new installation.

If you have FAT or FAT32, go to the drive letter you have Windows installed to. Then type the following, changing the drive letter in the example to the drive letter that you have Windows installed to. At the  C:\> prompt type "REN Windows Winold" without the quotes. Now you ready to install Windows to a new folder named Windows.

The next thing you are going to need is to copy or move your old Start Menu to the new Windows folder. You will also want to move your Winold\SendTo folder to Windows\SendTo. If you do not find these folders under the Winold folder they will be in the Documents and Setting folder and will not need to be moved. You'll only need to create the same user name you had before. You can also move your Cookies and other folders that you want.

Now start each of your programs one by one, and if any program complains about a file missing copy it from the Winold folder to the new Windows folder. Easy Recovery now has a utility included in it that will do this for you. Simple show Easy Recovery once where your old Windows folder is and Easy Recovery will remember. Then tell Easy Recovery the file you want, Easy Recovery will find the file and move it to the new Windows folder. If the folder the file was found in does not exist in the new Windows folder, Easy Recovery will create the new folder for you.

You will find that many of your programs will start right up without a problem, and many others will require only one or two files to be moved. Your larger programs like Word of Word Perfect will need to be reinstalled. But you will have save yourself an enormous amount of time.

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