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Thank you so much for your time and assistance regarding this matter.  In a matter of 20 minutes your program Reg Repair 2000 solved a problem that has been plaguing me for 2 months.  NO ONE on the web was able to help me figure an IOS boot up problem out.  All I can say is a big THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

Kim Mills

Again, thank you for your generous help and for taking the time to work with me.  I love the "Easy Desk" utilities and they have prevented, or solved, many a problem for me over the past couple of years.  I subscribe to several dozen Mailing Lists having to do with computers, windows, software, etc., and I constantly see people having to reformat the HD and reinstall all their software. I've been fooling with computers since about 1984 and, knock on wood, I've never had to reformat and reinstall!  I've found that if one has the proper utilities/programs, and has even a modicum of knowledge about how Windows works, there is never a need to reformat and reinstall.  Of course, most of the fellow subscribers I hear from have called the tech reps at MS, or at their ISP, or at the companies for their software, and they usually always get the advice, "Reformat and reinstall."  That's pure BS!  Reformatting is for idiots and dupes.
Thanks bunches,
(BTW, I recommend Easy Desk to everyone who will listen.)

I downloaded your newest Compliment (System Sentry) to your Utilities Programs! I think that if the Computer World was to ever present an Academy Award for the best package of Utilities Software yours should win. I for one, would sure be pleased to give you a vote of confidence and approval. Hope you finish the Registry Drill soon!

Best Regards,
Zach Scifres

Gateway told me that, in order to solve the problems with GPF's that I was having on my computer, I would have to reformat my C drive.  I was unable to solve the problems using Norton System Works.  I used the Easy Desk suite of products and my computer is now running well.  Thanks a million for saving me from the pain of re-formatting, and re-installing all my software.  I look forward to keeping my computer healthy by using your programs on an on-going basis.

Ed from New Jersey

I received the registration for FATMon. I now have registered six of your products and Windows now works the way it is supposed to. I have many programs. It seems like the more I added the worse things got. You guys are a real life saver.

Robb N. Cravens


Since System Sentry tidied everything up, it never crashes anymore, and everything seems to run more smoothly. Yet the standard wisdom on the subject seems to be that it needs a fresh install every six months, because of "Operating System Fatigue". So what does ZDnet know?
Edward Grundy

I just thought that you might like to know how effective your System Sentry is. While running a number of programs in addition to two of the Office 2000 programs, the system has become over-loaded, frozen and often caused an error in one of the system dll's.In the past this has meant a complete re-format and re-install taking about 24 hours to get it back to the original condition. I installed SS and really had no confidence that it would resolve the problem after the last crash. Imagine my surprise when it not found and restored the corrupted system files but also speeded the whole system. I can unreservedly recommend this program to anyone who often receives page or error faults.
Tim Swale-Jarman

Computer sluggish and running at 57% system resources free. After Cleaning: Computer with Perfect Companion booting faster Programs running faster Computer running at 92% system resources free!!!!!!! I could not believe it.  I usually re-partition and format about 4-6 times per year, now I don't know if I will ever have to do it again.  It only took about 3 minutes to clean the registry.  I am going to tell everyone I know about this wonderful and inexpensive program.  For what it did for my computer I would gladly pay 10 times what you are charging.  I hope I will not have the need to use your more powerful programs to fix registry problems but if I do I know that they will work.  I am not the kind of person that takes the time to write comments about programs, but this time I just had to.  I will be registering this program tomorrow. Thank You for your program.

Walter W Foskey

Dear Sir:
I have been wanting to tell you that I have found WinSafe to be not only the
best investment of any kind I have made in my computer, but it is the most
productive as well.
I have no idea what I would do without it.
In fact I don't feel comfortable running my system without it and don't.
I had previously installed practically every safeguard software package I
could get my hands on with limited success. They include
McAfee PC Medic
McAfee Crash Monitor
Norton Crash Guard Deluxe
Norton Crash Guard Autocheck
Windows REG clean
Windows Configback
I do not have much occasion to use them anymore.
Your software has saved my A_ _ at least once every other day since
installing the trial version about two weeks ago.
Previously I have had to reload Windows three times and I have only had this
system since Christmas!!!!!
If you ever need to use me for a reference for a potential user, do not
hesitate to give them my e-mail address.
Thanks again
Lou Serino
Meridian, Idaho

Well I haven't used it much yet but I like the edit system access button and the system report.
If it (updated version) works like the original I will love it. I have only been messing with computers for about 2 yrs and in that time I have had to wipe out my hard drive and start from scratch 4 times and have been to the computer shop 4 or 5 times etc. Then after I got WinSafe about a month ago I had a problem where I lost a file needed to boot to windows and the computer was stuck at bootup. I couldn't get into windows or anything, That would have meant a trip to the repair shop or another wiped out drive before but with WinSafe I just booted to dos and followed the directions and rebooted and there was my desk top again and all my programs working .
I love it, it should be the first program to go on any computer, I'm trying to get my mom to get it, she crashes hers a lot.
Well thanks

I really want to register my copy of WinSafe. I had some trouble with my system crashing, so I downloaded the demo copy of this program because if it could do what you said it could, it would save a lot of time and hassle if I crashed again. Well, my system crashed and I got to find out if it would do what you said. It did all and then some. This software is the best stuff I've gotten off the internet yet. My hat's off to you guys. This software would be a bargain at twice the price. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to use your software as a demo. Now, if you could just fix your web page so I could get the check form I will have my money on it's way to you as soon as possible. Thanks again for the best product I probably will ever download off the internet.

Keith Grapentine

If there is a God his name is WinSafe, best program I ever downloaded. I am mailing my check today. Thanks for the software, it's great!

Lester Scott

Thank you very much for the great help you have given me! WinSafe is working
perfectly, and I am safe in the knowledge that if my computer crashes, it
won't be the end of the world. In 8 days, I will be obliged to register, and I won't be
Yours sincerely,
Toby Wilkinson

I like the "Tips" display feature, but would like to suggest a change in
Minor issue, but it would be more convenient if the tip was displayed after the
WinSafe startup, rather than before.
Having it display before forces the user to hit OK then wait for WinSafe to
complete. Would rather power up the machine, go get a coffee, and come back, hit
OK and be ready to go.
Also the menu item Restore|Save Vmm32. Don't know what this is and under what
circumstances I would want to restore it.
Love this product. It has saved my butt several times.
Keep up the good work
Greg Dicoskey

From: Dareman

To: Easy Desk

I call your WinSafe screen the button screen--click on a button and fix everything. I am here to tell you right now that your program works, and it works in spades!!!!!!!! I just finished loading WinSafe today and tonight one of my hard drives developed some bad sectors. Things went sour very quickly, and pretty soon I had all kinds of error messages and fatal exception screens. It was a total disaster.

While pulling my hair out I took the time to click on WinSafe's "Restore With Current" just to see what would happen. I guess this was the right thing to do because I started getting all kinds of WinSafe info in little boxes, then a message saying WinSafe had completed loading successfully, and a "Windows Exit" icon appeared on my desktop. To make a long story short, all the nasty little windows error messages disappeared and everything loaded properly. WOW. Talk about a product selling itself. I AM AMAZED! Another computer klutz has been rescued.

Needless to say, my registration fee will be on the way forthwith. By the way, I assume I am supposed to close Windows down now with the WinSafe "Windows Exit" icon. Am I correct?

I tried WinSafe and ordered it yesterday. My son is a beta tester for
Microsoft and has it on his beta o/s/ and it is great. today, I was told
I was missing MSD and system info, it said go online and click next.
nothing happened so I came to the Easy Desk site. I am downloading WinSafe 2001
I hope this cures the problem.
by the way, two weeks ago I crashed and had to reload the o/s in a fresh
directory and lost the orig. registry and much more.......since then, after
downloading the WinSafe utility, I have been spared crashing 4 or 5 times.
I have never registered for any trial utility before but this one
definitely deserves an A+. I would never part with this once seeing it in
action. it is part of my system now and the best value I have ever
purchased. thank your software development team for me and bless them all
for this time saving, safety net.
Bridget Lenk

Just want you to know that until I downloaded this gem, I was ready to stick a match to my 400 MHz. 128 ram super computer. Since July 17, until today, it has been the most unstable mess I've ever dealt with. Thanks to WinSafe 2001, that is no longer the case. Thank you so very much. BILL GATES OWES YOU!

I have been using WinSafe for over a year. I am very religious about backing up my system files with WinSafe. I loaded in a few Microsoft Internet Explorer updates last night and went to bed satisfied.

This morning, I woke to the infamous "blue screen". I tried to reboot and nothing worked. I tried again, the system briefly went into Windows, then right to the "It's safe to turn off you PC" screen. Additional booting had no effect. Panic began to set in. Which new program was causing this problem? Where to start?

I put in my WinSafe boot disk, followed the instructions, and like magic, I'm back!!! WinSafe 2001 is incredibly simple and it worked perfectly first time!!! I wasn't sure what to expect, since I hadn't had to use it for a crash before.

Anyone not using WinSafe is only asking for hours of needless troubleshooting, with no assurance that they are even on the right track.

Thanks for such a great recovery tool!!!!

Mike Pilla

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! My HP computer (a year old) had just suffered its second major crash and I worked harder than I ever have to correct the problem myself. I'm no tekkie but I was sure if I was focused and logical, I could conquer Windows. After ten very long, trying days, with my family fending for themselves with meals and such, I finally stumbled across WinSafe. You should re-title it "Magic On-Line" or "The Answer To Your Prayers."     In less than two hours, including a very thorough scandisk search, WinSafe had my computer up and running! I have printed out the form and am mailing you a check immediately. I have also sent your Web Site to everyone I know who runs Windows.     You are to be commended for this utility. I hope you all become multimillionaires.     I have no more fear of Windows because WinSafe now resides on my computer. It's the most important software on my system. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.                               
Deborah L. Fisk

Just want to send you my deepest thanks ... your software (WinSafe) saved my butt (again).  This time my "event" began when WinSafe informed me that some program was changing the attributes of my win.ini file.  I must have chosen ok because once that happened I couldn't get into windows ME.  First I would get a blue screen telling me there was a problem with some program accessing vsdata95.  Second, I would get this screen again.  Third, I would get a blue screen simply saying that the system had been halted. I rebooted into safe mode, which worked ok.  I tried System Restore which, for some reason, couldn't complete any restoration.  Finally I used WinSafe and voila! I was up and running. I can't tell you how grateful I am since, like most people, I have my financial records, business records, etc stored on my computer.  I do make backups to an external hard drive once a week, but having my computer screwed up still would have been an incredible hassle.

Many Many Thanks!
Mark Semon

Your software saved my life. My system would not even stay active for 30 seconds before crashing... the registry was in bad shape. Was finally able to restore it with "last Windows install" and salvage my data and programs. There are still some things to resolve but at least it is now working!

Julie Lang

Thank you again. I have recovered my Registry!!! I am very grateful (was not looking forward to the alternative) of course, this means I will have to buy your product now.

I used RegMedic to recover a workable Registry from a badly corrupted Registry on a computer that is currently being used to do research on Waardenburg's Syndrome TypeII. I used RegMedic to restore the original defaults and only had to setup a few programs and settings. Before I used this product, we would have been down at least 1 day's research time at a critical juncture.
The former Registry was so badly corrupted that we lost function and crashed several times a day. We could not even access any backup copy. It took several tries and many error messages to boot up Windows on start-up. Now it is back to normal. THANKS



I have bought several of your programs and love them all. I am very tough on computers-- I build my own, and load and off-load programs constantly. Since I started using WinSafe 2001, RegMedic, and Perfect Companion I have never gotten myself into a jam your products couldn't get me out of... Until last week...

UPS smashed my computer into little pieces!

Russ Mottla
Ideas Inc.
Hope that gets me on your tribute page.... or maybe this will: (I told you this on the phone last we spoke) IF YOU GUYS BUILT A CAR, I'D BUY IT!!

Hi There,

You guy's are incredible - I do the wave for you ;-))

I had a major problem with the file associations to my .exe files and nothing on my PC worked. Tried everything, even Microsoft support - No help available :-(

Then I found RegMedic at your site and thank god for that - Everything works just fine again and I was spared for the ugly nightmare with installing everything from scratch..

I will recommend your software to everyone I know and register my own copy at once.
Kindly Regards - and thanks again :-))

My old Gateway is humming' now -- thanks to you and Easy Desk.  Before Easy
Desk about 20% of my boot attempts resulted in the blue screen of death which meant I had to boot again and sometimes that took me to safe mode and yet another boot. Shut downs were also a problem -- sometimes the system hung showing the wait shutting down logo and other times it would not shut down at all but just reboot. This meant yet another boot just so I could shut down as soon as it booted.  Now all boots are fast and error-free and the system always goes to the safe to shut down logo when I select shut down. I have been having these and GPF problems with the Gateway for some time but they became more prevalent when I began un installing a lot of software from it.  Now it's running as smooth as it did the day I took it out of the box per WinSafe 2001.  Considering that I have added a second hard drive to the system and it's nearly half full now I consider the smaller registry remarkable.

Now I want the Easy Desk suite on my new computer. I just got it last month and I don't want it to ever get in the shape my Gateway was in.  I'm convinced that by using the Easy Desk suite of utilities I can ensure that. 

Thanks again for all your help. Jerry

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