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Now you can clean your Registry completely safe and easily. Not only does Perfect Companion's Registry cleaner remove invalid Class Keys, TypeLib Keys, Interface, Application, App Paths, deleted fonts, files entries, and much more, it even has a snapshot utility for watching files that get added, deleted, and even ones that are modified. No other Registry cleaner does all this. Perfect Companion is not only has the best Registry cleaner, but it will register all you OCX and DLL files correctly after the Registry is cleaned. This ensures that no DLL file will have a missing or damaged Key.

Perfect Companion works so good we now have combined Perfect Companion and Registry Drill into one package, Registry Drill. Now you can have all the Registry Tools in Registry Drill and the best Registry cleaner that Perfect Companion has to offer in one application.

Our Registry cleaner cleans completely different from other Registry cleaners. It re-cleans the Registry after it cleans it. Why? If a COM Key points to a deleted file the Key is invalid, however the TypeLib and Interface are still valid because they point to the existing COM Key. This means that until the COM Key has been deleted the Keys that point to the COM Key are still valid and will not be removed by other Registry cleaners.

This Registry Cleaner is like no other, it cleans errors from the Registry in more areas than any other Registry Cleaner. Registry Drill locates all your existing DLL and OCX files and correctly registers them. No other utility does this. Along with this Registry cleaner, Registry Drill has 19 other tools, 17 Drills to drill deep into the Registry, and 15 searches.

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Perfect Companion reads the Class keys and looks for the associated file. Perfect Companion reads all the application paths (App Path key) and verifies the files. Perfect Companion does what Windows should be doing but doesn't - Perfect Companion locates all your existing DLL and OCX files and correctly registers them. Perfect Companion backs up every key before deleting it as well as automatically saving all the undo files.

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