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The Clear Startup Group is out of sync
Sharing Violation error message
Unable to Verify System Files
Using the Memory Utilization Utility
Changing the Windows and I.E. cabinet file dates

Clear Startup Group is out of sync: If for some reason such as you replaced the Registry during Clearing and restoring the Startup Group in QikFix you will need to reset the Registry, Open RegEdit and go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Setting\QikFix\Content and modify the Data value of "StartGroup". If you want to clear the Startup Group set the value to "" (nothing). If you want to Restore the Startup Group set the value to "1"(1)
In version 4.3.01 a backup folder "QikFix\Startup\Backup" is created and the last Clear Startup Group information is stored here. It will be over written the next time you clear the startup group.

Sharing Violation error message: If you receive this message when trying to extract a file, change the extracting folder location to some other folder. Then copy the file to the system folder in DOS. Version 4.3.01 will do this for you as a new feature..

Unable to Verify System Files: If you cannot get QikFix to Verify files it is probably because it cannot read the Cabinet files. There are generally only two reasons for this.
1) QikFix is calling Extract.exe, which is a DOS tool to read the contents of the Cabinet Files. The Path of your Cabinet files must be in 8.3 Format. Place your Cabinet files in the standard location C:\Windows\Options\Cabs.
2) Your Cabinet Files are on a CD-ROM that has a bad Table Contents.. This problem exists on Windows 98 CD-ROMs. Copy your Cabinet files in the standard location C:\Windows\Options\Cabs. This also make reinstall Windows or installing new hardware much easier. Be sure to use the QikFix Preference tab to change the location information in the Registry.

Using the Memory Utilization Utility: For more information about this utility, how to use and what it can do, read our site page "How to get the most from your RAM"

Changing the Windows and IE cabinet file dates: After you have run QikFix System File Verifier you may make changes to the Cabinet file dates for your Windows or Internet Explorer date. This feature is offered for two reason. The first is to allow you to upgrade Windows and tell QikFix the new date. In the case it is advised that you delete the files Cab.sys and IEcab.sys in the QikFix folder. The second reason for this feature is for non US users. Since the file dates are stored in US format, the dates need to be converted before using the File Verifier. This window allows the user to make corrections in the event they enter the wrong information or format when QikFix prompts you to check the date format; since QikFix will only ask once.

Updated October 08, 2002