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Email from our customers about QikFix

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End User License and Uninstall Information

QikFix, contains all the utilities our customers have been asking for - ten of the most requested tools.

1) File Shredder: This is a utility that not only permanently deletes a file but it destroys it first, making it completely unrecoverable and unreadable. It rewrites all sectors and pointers used by the file. It can even shred all the free space on your hard drive without damaging existing files. It rewrites all sectors and pointers of the previous files that you have deleted, thus making them unrecoverable. Did you know that the US government can recover a file even if you reformat because it still exists? Well now you can simply rewrite all those sectors and pointers without having to Low Level Format, Fdisk and Format. Learn how files are recovered.

2) File verifier: Have you ever opened a program and as the program loads you get a message that an unknown error has occurred? Or a General Protection Fault? Does your system freeze for no reason? Well most of the time it is a file problem. Some programs may have replaced a DLL file with an older version, or maybe a newer version that turns out to be incompatible with your software. Well this little gem will find all the files that have replaced your original Windows files. It will report files that are older, newer, as well as the files that are not Windows files. It then will even extract and install the files you want to replace. It can even verify IE 4.0 and 5.0 files.

3) Shut Down all Programs: Have you been looking for a program that will close all running programs quickly so that you can install new software? Tired of using Control-Alt-Delete, a process that is laborious at best? Well we have one for you now! It clears the programs that start on bootup then logs you off and back on. You don't even have to reboot. And with the click of a button it restores all your startup programs.

4) Memory Manager: QikFix even has a Memory Utilization utility that can tell you exactly how large you need to make your Swap File, how much RAM you really need to buy, and how large   your maximum Swap File should be. It can even tell you which of your programs are memory hogs and how much free disk space you really need to maintain. If you are a real power user you will find this utility to be invaluable.

5) Expand/Compress Wizard: Have you ever needed to replace a file (I'm sure you have on more then one occasion), only to find out you have to install the entire program because all the files are compressed? Well now you can replace that file in seconds. This utility will even compress a file for you if you ever have the need to. A great tool for developers.

6) Optimization Wizard: Since most companies write utilities to help the beginners optimize their system, we built one too, only better. The difference is that ours checks and optimizes 11 different things instead of the normal 2 or 3.

7) System Information: Have you ever wanted to know about the cache, that is, how much you have and what it's doing? This tool can tell you all sorts of information about your system or drives and it takes less then a second to gather all this information. It will tell you how many Reads and Writes have occurred, how long the OS has been running, what build number you are currently using, accurately display large drive specifications including the cluster count, and much more. It will tell you everything you need to know about any drive on your computer or network.

8) Cache: Here is a utility that will allow you to tell Windows how to use your available Cache. Adjusting the way the Cache is used adjusts the way Windows uses your Swap File and your RAM. If you have 96 megs of RAM and do not set limits on the Cache, Windows will start using a Swap File when you still have about 30 megs of RAM free. Just another way Microsoft likes to waste resources.

9) Folder Comparison: You can compare the contents of any two folders, and copy files between the two folders. A great tool for finding program and system files that have been replaced with older files. A great feature of this utility is if you have a network and one computer is giving you a problem and the other is not. Run this utility comparing the two Windows\System folders looking for different DLLs.

10) Preferences: We saved the best for last. Now you can control what programs your kids or other people are allowed to use. Control who has access to RegEdit or any other program. You can remove all Icons from your desktop, remove the Run label or the Shut Down label and more. You can even get rid of the Log in window when you boot up. Or you can create your own message window to appear when you boot up.

Email from our customers

Letter 1:

I love it and will pay for at month end when cash begins to flow again. "Handy" is too weak a word for the shut application feature. Ctr-Alt-Del is really the hard way; clicking on the tray icons works, but still takes too long. This feature is TERRIFIC!
So are the optimizer wizards. I know how to use your signature black windows, but I wonder if they could confuse or turnoff new users? Even with the funny name, it's a winner.
Many thanks,


Letter 2:

I received your e-mail with the Registration no.  You have no idea how much
money I have wasted trying software's after software's until I found yours.
Thank you very much !.

R Wahi

Letter 3:

     I truly believe you are doing yourselves a terrible bad mis-service. 5
stars?  NO WAY!!!!, at the very least 10 stars or more! Two days ago I
downloaded a couple of your registry repair programs to try them out. WOW!!!
was I ever surprised. They did every thing you advertised and then some. My
poor old machine hasn't run this good since I first got it.
    I have an Intel 120 chip, 32 megs of ram, two- 2 gig hard drives, and
two -144 meg floppy drives; 17,000 plus files and the rascal runs great now.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
            A very satisfied new customer of yours,

                                    Fuzzy  arivaca@

Letter 4:

Thanks for the registration number for Fast View.  I've downloaded and installed the Integrator--great program!  I am very impressed with Easy Desk software for the ease and practicality of the programs.  Usually, I work with graphics type programs and I'm constantly trying out new software.  As you can appreciate, this sometimes causes havoc with the windows registry in all kinds of ways, from improperly installing new fonts, to replacing windows file versions with older versions.  Prior to "finding" you on the web, I had experienced many system crashes and was becoming quite frustrated with the windows o/s and formatting my hard drive to start all over again.  I had tried out a few other programs to try and prevent the crashes, which did help somewhat, but the problems persisted.  Since I have been using the Easy Desk software, I have been able to successfully recover from every system problem I've had without formatting and starting all over again!  Along with no more formatting, the many utilities in the Easy Desk programs have ensured that the hard drives and o/s system of my computer are "clean" and in top operating order!  Keep up the good work!  
Laura Routledge

I am so used to incompetent software programs that I thought I should spend a minute telling you about yours.  I have never found 3 better written and more functional and useful than QikFix, RegRepair, and Perfect Companion.
QikFix alone has saved me from crashing countless times by replacing the old files put on my computer with the new versions that were there before I installed the software.  Perfect Companion seems to keep my computer humming and RegRepair is a staple.  THESE ARE EXCELLENT AND HIGHLY USEFUL PROGRAMS.
I havent used RegMedic or System Sentry  much and I am afraid my ignorance might jeoperdize the benifits I would get from System Sentry, but I'll probably take the plunge soon.  Congratulations of the outstanding job you have done and thanks.

Reed Damian

Letter 5:

This is just a word of thanks for developing such an effective and easy to use utility. I have fought with page fault after page fault for 3 months.Nothing but nothing has helped(including reinstalling Win98SE);until a friend of mine suggested Qikfix. Believe me I'm not in the habit of writing to software developers and gushing about their product but you guys have saved me no end of aggravation and cost. OK thats enough, thanks.

Letter 6:

My PC (Win ME) has suffered from serious malfunction the last few weeks, improper bootup, unstable intenet connection and hang-ups. Cold-booting serveral times pr. hour is no fun!   Without any luck I have tried to fix it by using Norton Utilities 2001's Win Doctor. The cure came with QikFix, - my PC is now 100% healthy.   Thanks for a superb first-aid kit.   Kind regards Kjell Eriksmoen

Updated March 05, 2004