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RegRepair 2000 will fix all your IOS ERRORS, VXD errors, and fix conflicts on Windows 9x and ME; for Windows XP, 2000, 2003, and Vista click here . It will even get you back into Windows when you are locked out because of a Windows Protection Error. When you get the error message "While initiating device So_And_So - Windows Protection Error you need to restart your computer", and much more. There is no other utility that can do what RegRepair 2000 can. In more than nine years that RegRepair is out, no other company has created a program that will fix these problems.

IOS means Input/Output Supervisor (Initiating Operating System) and ERRORS means the stuff that messes up your Operating System - you know the stuff that makes you crash and locks you out of Windows. Even if you think you've never had one, I'll bet you have at least 6 IOS Errors right now even on your brand new computer.

IOS errors manifest themselves as the messages you get at bootup, the failed to load entries in the bootlog, and  corrupted font files that cause you to get locked out of Windows (which most people are unaware of). In many cases you don't even get a message about the ones you do have until it is to late.

IOS errors are born from crashing your system, and installing new software or hardware. Even installing Windows can cause files to fail to load, or corrupt fonts and other files. Just take a look at your bootlog, you'll probably see a real mess there and have no idea how to start to fix the errors.

RegRepair can get you back into Windows when you have a Windows Protection Error or an IOS error preventing you from booting. However it must be installed before the error occurs. Simply type FIXVXD from the Dos prompt and reboot. Presto! You're booting into Windows. So long as you do not have a FAT loss.

RegRepair offers 3 ways to Clean and Compact your Registry. Great way to compact those Registries that other utilities cannot. Or you can select Compact with Minimal Information to create a new Registry without reinstalling Windows.

RegRepair 2000 is so simple to use, because it does it all for you. It prompts you every step of the way, tells you what it is doing, and why a file has an error before fixing it. RegRepair 2000 will even clean and compact your Registry, getting rid of Stuck keys and duplicate keys.

RegRepair 2000 will get rid of duplicate fonts that are hidden from your sight, but do exist in the Fonts folder, as well as register any of the font files that are not currently registered.

Take RegRepair 2000 home and try it. There is no other utility like it. Let it fix your computer before you find yourself looking at the C:\ prompt.

Email from our customers

Letter #1

...............I just want to say again - you're a saint! Everybody should have these two programs. You are the first to put anything out there that actually works. This is my first time,ever, of having confidence that I am no longer vulnerable to a hard drive format because of an unrecoverable crash........

Terry Cook , NM

Letter #2

Wow, your program RegRepair 2000 v2.4 SAVED MY BACON! Really, I have been fighting with registry problems ever since I upgraded to "C" from Win95"B" and I was having odd hangs with some programs not running right like my tape backup software which checks the registry before starting a full backup.

I had about given up, was convinced that I was going to have to do a clean sweep, a real clean sweep with a fresh install and maybe 8 hours getting my stuff back on the drive. Since I had already spent 5 times that and good money (bought Nuts and Bolts, but it did not detect any errors!) I was resigned until I thought about PCWorld shareware. And Voila!!! I downloaded VB5 etc and gave it a try. About 10 boots later, up started the tape software, and it even gave me some other ideas about some system inconsistencies I was having.

I am sold. I just sent my order in. You guys saved my weekend!!!


Ross Johnson


You folks have a great product! I haven't had to use it for recovery from a crash (last crash I had affected master boot sector of hard drive; had diagnostic that "fixed" bad sector). Advantage to me has been BETTER, MORE STABLE PC operation! In my opinion, well worth the money! Just goes to show if Microsoft did their job really well - you folks might be looking for other work. Thanks for a great set of products.

Don Greaser

Letter #4

Thanks for your help today over the phone, getting my copy of RegRepair registered, and learning more about your products.
RegRepair has really helped make my machine run nice, and I'm glad you created it. My tech has been always telling me to "reformat & reinstall - it's the only way to fix that mess of yours." Well, I guess you know I don't have to "reformat and reinstall" now, thanks to RegRepair. And I will download your WinSafe 2001 tonight per your advice and get it registered too.

Thanks again.

Kyle Harshbarger

Letter 5

Sirs, after hours of searching newsgroups, Microsoft's knowledge base, leaving questions in newsgroups to fix a problem I was having I downloaded your program RegRepair 2000 and in 10 minutes my system was running perfectly! I have never written to a software company to tell them that their product was OUTSTANDING but I had to let you folks know. Consider me in and I will get my check out to you first thing Monday. Thank you for a very well written program that actually works great! It should be included on every Win98 CD shipped. Thanks again.

Frank Youmans


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