A new way to protect against email and Internet viruses and worms! Disable them before they start! And Repellent is Free!

Do you use a virus scanner before opening your email? Do you run a virus scanner while you're surfing or reading your email? All this takes time and slows your machines down; and a virus scanner may spot a virus, but it may have already started infecting your machine. If your virus definitions are out of date or if the virus is a brand new virus your virus program will not be able to help you.

Your virus scanner and firewall cannot stop a script on a page you are viewing from changing your Internet setting or your home page. Repellent can!

Your virus scanner cannot delete Cookies, Repellent can! You can surf the Internet in confidence, no one can tell where you have been unless you want them to. Repellent can delete all Cookies as they download.

Repellent can solve all your email and Internet virus worries with the click of a button. You can disable all VB and Java applets and scripting, as well as all Registry files, REG. You can disable all JS, JSE, WSH, VBS,VBE, VB, PIF, SCR, BAT, files from running, and more. This means that files that run automatically when viewing your email cannot run unless you want them to.

Worried about the MyDoom worm? Repellent can protect you from the attachment automatically opening.

Script viruses do the real damage, like "Melissa" and "KAK". A virus scanner can miss a new virus because it does not know the signature yet. Repellent does not need to know the signature nor does it need to use up your CPU looking for them. It simply disables the all scripting capabilities. And to ensure that an Active Server page (asp file) cannot re-enable them by editing the Registry, Repellent also disables the files that run the scripting.

When you're viewing a web page that contains a script you want to run, just click on "Restore" in Repellent and refresh the browser; the script is now running. Before opening your email, click on "Repel" in Repellent and it is now save to read all your email without fear of the email containing a virus. Complete and total protection from script viruses. Of course, you should never open a file attachment that your receive from anyone unless you are expecting the file. A virus inside of an executable (.exe) file is not a script virus so you need to scan these attachments before running them.

If you are paying for a virus scanner, it can only find the latest virus after it has been released, you need to get an update. Repellent is FREE and no dat signature updates are required. It simply disables the Scripting. All new Script virus are disabled.

Repellent allows you to disable and enable scripting with the click of a button. You can setup Repellent to automatically disable scripting and start your email program, all in one click. This allows you to view your email without fear of having all your files erased. If the attachment or body of the email contains a VBS or Java script, they will not be able to execute. If the email contains a VBS file or a DOC file with a script and you decide that the email is safe, you can click "ENABLE" and view the file. Melissa, Prilissa, KAK, and the Love Bug are VB Script viruses.The W32/Sobig.f@MM worm is a PIF and SCR file. It creates email attachments like Thank_you.pif, Thankyou.pif, details.pif, your_details.pif, document_9446.pif, approved.pif, doc_details.pif, movie28.pif, password.pif, ref-394755.pif, screen_doc.pif, screen_temp.pif, your_details.pif, and wicked_scr.scr.

Repellent can also protect you while you're on the Internet. Selecting the option "manual" allows you to repel and enable whenever you want. Repellent sets the Internet options to disable Java in the Control Panel and disables all functions of the MSJava.dll. Many sites that use Java will not be effected, the same is true for VB Script.

Repellent is disabling files that have free run on your machine. To prove this to you use Repellent and click on "Repel" then rename any file to have a VBS or VBE file extension and double click on it; you will get the "Open With" dialog window. Windows does not know what program is needed to run the file. Even if it did, Windows would not be able to execute the file.

Repellent works on Microsoft's Internet Explorer Outlook and Outlook Express (All Versions). It works with any browser or email program that uses the Microsoft setting and components. It also works with all programs that are Skins for Microsoft or programs that use the scripting files: Msjava.dll, Wscript.exe, Cscript.exe, Scrobj.dll, VbScript.dll, and Jscript.dll.


Your program repellent has saved my computers life, Thanks! as well as it stopping script viruses, it has made my computer useable again when I went to web sites my computer slowed down froze or locked up. I could not type any text and scrolling the page was extremely slooow! repellent fixed this for me. i even reinstalled windows and done all sorts of checks and nothing would fix it. I was just about to format my hard drive when I tried repellent! its so nice to find software that really works.
J. Mulholland


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