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I no longer have the "Please Wait" at bootup
I do not want the shortcut on my desktop
I get an error when running a System File Report
How do I uninstall WinSafe
Files in the Safe not updated
Files in the VMM32 folder changed
Cannot save VMM32.vxd
SyeEdit is missing


I no longer have the "Please Wait" at bootup: On the WinSafe interface go to the Menu Bar Item "Boot Options" then select "WinSafe". Click on "Set Bootup on".

I do not want the shortcut on my desktop: To stop WinSafe from placing a shortcut on the desktop every time you boot add the value name "Shortcut" to the [START] section of the WinSafe.ini file. Make the value "1".
(Use No Spaces)

How do I uninstall WinSafe: WinSafe will offer to uninstall itself after the 15 day trial period. If you wish to uninstall it before the trial period ends or you have a registered copy then click on the Menu Bar Item "Utilities" on the main interface and select "Uninstall WinSafe". If you use only the uninstall in the Add/Remove applet of the Control Panel you you will need to manually delete the the value "WinSafe" from the Key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run

If you need to manually uninstall WinSafe delete the folder C:\WinSafe, delete the file Winsafe.ini located in your Windows folder, Dlete the file C:\WinSafe.bat, delete the Registry Key value "WinSafe" located at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run
and then locate the Key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall and check each of the SubKeys named "ST5UNST#" , one of these Keys will point to WinSafe. Delete the Key.

Files in the Safe not updated: The Safe can only be updated the next time you use the "Save Current Files". When you click on the "Update the Safe" the message states "..... the next time you backup". This means the next time you use the "Save Current Files". Click on "Update the Safe", answer "OK" then click on "Save Current Files". Close WinSafe and when you reopen it the date next to "Update the Safe" will change.

Files in the VMM32 folder changed: When you get a message that files in the VMM32 folder have been deleted or changed; open the WinSafe.ini file. You will gain access to it by using the Winsafe Menu Bar Item "Setup". Delete the entire section "Folders". save the file and exit. Then click on the Exit Icon so as to start the WinSafe Exiting program. You may click on Cancel, WinSafe will then have reset the list. Here is a example of what to delete from the file:


Cannot save VMM32.vxd: If you attempt to Save the VMM32.vxd file but still get a message that the file has changed and you should Save the VMM32.vxd file. Ensure you are viewing all files, all hidden files. Then in the WinSafe folder find the file VMM32.vxd, right click it and select properties. Uncheck Read Only and Hidden. Then start WinSafe and Save the VMM32.vxd file. In the next update WinSafe will be programmed to ensure the Read Only is removed.

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I get an error when running a System File Report

If you get an error message when requesting WinSafe to do a System File Report, ot the report shows files being deleted but the file name is just numbers such as:
Deleted: C:\WINDOWS\Viking K56flex
Deleted: 642
Deleted: 194996

Add the value ShortName to the WinSafe.ini file at the section [System Check]. Set the value to 1. See Example below. You will need to have version 3.1.08 or higher of the Winsafe file Safe.exe. Right click the file C:\WinSafe\Safe.exe to check the version number.
[System Check]
EXE="%1" %*



Updated March 20, 2004