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Save-It is an automatic file backup tool, designed to save your user files that change constantly or daily. Select the files you want backed up, how often or what time, and forget about it. Your files will be backed up when you want. You can even have it backup your Registry and other system files like System.ini. Note, on Windows XP, 2000, NT the Registry cannot be backup with Save-It.

No need to do a complete drive backup every week any more, Save-It will keep all your backup files up to date, every day, or every hour, or every 3 days, what ever you like. You can backup accross your network, to a different computer. You can create a new folder and have your employees save their files to it; tell Save-It to backup the folder every night. Any new files added will be automatically included in the backup. And if anyone deletes a file Save-It will not delete its backup until you till it to.

Do a complete System backup using MS Backup or your favorite tool once. You won't need to update the System backup very often because Save-It is going to keep all the files that change updated in its backup. Program Save-It once and forget about it.

If you like you can have Save-It do a backup after you leave work and have the computer shut down when the backup is complete. You can even have Save-It shut down all your Network compauter as well.

Save-It was developed for personal use and small business to save copies of the files you are currently working on. You could not save these files using System Restore, as the System Restore is programmed not to save user files. Unless you add it to the list. GoBack will, but who wants to revert the entire system back just to get one file restored. And a full System backup takes hours.

Use Save-It to backup your email in Outlook, databases, My Documents folder, finance files, and other important files, every night before you shutdown, or have Save-It update the backups after everyone leaves work.. No more using the old "Sent to A:\" after compressing the file at the end of the day.

I am a software developer, so when I am writing software the source code (file) is always changing. When I add source code it may not always work, and I need to go back a few steps. Save-It allows me to restore the current source code with source code written just a short time before if the procedure did not work.

I think you will find Save-It an valuable tool for your computer, if you use your computer for work or play.

If your in business, you need to keep records. I use a database program I wrote using Access. It processes each order, tells me who updated when, and a complete record of all the information I need about each customer. The database is constantly changing all day long. So I back it up every 3 hours. If someone changes information about a customer's order inadvertently and saves the file, all I need to do when they yelp HELP is pull up the last backup and compare the records. If it is more serious, the worst that I would have to do is have Sav-It restore the last backup and add in the work done within the few hours.

Think about the fellow who is creating a graphic, he draws a little then saves, and continues this process all day long. Finally after a several hours of work his boss tells him, your off the track. The boss say "start over where I saw it last" or "Heck that looked good without that house in the image. Take it out." All he needs to do is restore his last backup and add a few more lines. You can restore with the click on a button, and backups is done automatically. You could even elect to backup when ever you want with a simple click of the mouse on an Icon in the System Tray.

Now think about this, how often do you backup you entire computer? Once a week or do you backup it everyday? Why? Only the user files you are working on changed, so why waste the time re-backing up the same old files. Save-It will backup your user files that changed, if they did not change it will not back them up again. Suppose you did not alter your database within .... let's say 4 hours and Save-It has a backup of it, but suddenly your FAT (fat allocation table) crashes on the drive your user files are on, you don't know it yet until most of your files are corrupt; probably tomorrow you'll realize it. Well, Save-It did not see the file change so it did not replace the old backup. Now you can restore it in a flash after you fix the FAT problem. Had you used another backup tool you would have backup the corrupted user files and have to go back to you last major disk backup.

Updated March 05, 2004