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Do you want to keep your computer running smoothly? Looking for a replacement for the Windows System File Checker that Windows 98 had? Do you need to fix an Invalid Page Fault or General Protection Error or any other type file error? You need System Sentry, and it does a whole lot more!

System Sentry can help fix error messages like "This program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down" and "Cannot find entry point in dynamic link library ....." or ".... caused an invalid page fault in module KERNEL32.DLL at 016f:bff8e1ad" . System Sentry's "Find Dependencies" can help you find the problem and fix it.

If you're having problems with DLL errors or General Protection Errors, screen freezes, program hang-ups, programs errors, and other problems, System Sentry may be able to repair them. System Sentry finds all corrupted, replaced, added, incorrect versions, and dates of your system DLLs and replaces them for you. Offers you a sure and quick way to restore a system DLL that may have been overwritten with on older or incorrect file. This helps avoid the often unnecessary and frustrating task of reinstalling Windows or specific problem programs. It even checks for corrupt system files.

If you have Windows as an operating system, then you need to have a file system sentry program to watch over your System files and DLLs.

If you have Windows XP you cannot bypass the Windows file protection system. So you may have software that needs a newer versionthan Windows wants. System Sentry can help.

If you have Windows 98 then you have the Windows System Version Checker, but this utility can only replace a corrupt or overwritten file with the original Windows file. This means that you may have to reinstall some of your software if Windows replaces a file. Windows 98 makes you start from the beginning every time it replaces a file. When it thinks a file is corrupted, it replaces it. It is well known that Windows 98 will replace updated system files with older versions from the Windows cabinet files, causing programs that rely on the newer versions of a DLL to fail.

The Windows Version Checker is no match for System Sentry! System Sentry scans the entire system file collection and spots added or deleted files in a few seconds. It then finds corrupted or virus infected files in just a few more seconds. It can replace them with the latest updated files from its backup cache. The Windows Version Checker cannot help you find out what is causing your invalid page faults either, but System Sentry can

System Sentry has every tool you need to keep your system file working correctly.

  • Quick Scan - finds added, deleted, zero byte, Read-Only, incorrect version files.
  • System Version Checker - tells you what system files have changed and if they need to be replaced, if the file version is older. What files have been added, and replaces those that need to be update.
  • Redundant DLL Checker - finds and removes duplicate DLLs on your system that can cause program errors. Finds new versions of a DLL and move the newer version to the system folder.
  • Imports\Exports - tells you all the Calls to the DLL, as well as any Call that is missing causing a crash. This will determine if the version is the wrong version for your program.
  • Extension Association - Fix those error messages "Windows cannot find Program.exe to open this file type". Fix the wrong Icon for a file type.
  • Cyclic Redundancy Check - tells you what file has changed even if the file version and date did not. This will determine if the file is corrupt or infected with a virus.
  • Find Dependencies - Finds the cause of those error messages like "Invalid Dynamic Link....", "Missing Export...", "Entry point not found...." and more.
  • Clean System Folder - This tool will help you get rid of all those DLL files that are no longer needed that are left over from uninstalls

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