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Frequently I am asked "
what software should I purchase" and  "is there one that I should use that will handle it all".  Or I am asked why doesn't Easy Desk have one tool to fix everything?

Well look at it this way. Think about your computer as if it was an automobile. If you maintain your car properly you do not need major work performed too often if ever. If you don't  maintain it the odds are you'll need some major work sooner or later. When your  mechanic has to work on your car he is going to need a wrench, a hammer, and a screw driver and several other tools. He cannot use the hammer in place of a screw driver, well at least I can't. Even to do a simply oil change he needs a 13mm wrench and a oil filter wrench (or otherwise known as a oil filter strap). I would doubt that your mechanic is going to use a Crescent wrench (one size fits all). It would not only would take him longer, but he might hurt himself if the wrench loosens up and slips off. This would be like using Notepad to create your stationary and compose letters. I mean Notepad can do the job, not well, but it can produce a letter - why not just use any old fashion typewriter and throw out your computer, it's faster and cheaper. Oh, you don't want to drive an old Volkswagan bug without heat or air conditioning. I guess you also have traded in your old 286, 386 or 486 computer for a new Pentium too; dumped DOS for Windows! You have  gone from a Volkswagon to a Lincoln. It is going to be tuff fixing the Lincoln with just a Crescent wrench.

Well if your stuck on getting one tool to do it all use Format.com in your Command folder. It does it all, and no mechanic needed! It's like buying a new car, no more problems till I put a few miles on it.

You don't want to buy a new car, why not, you just bought your current car about 3 months ago? So I guess you don't want to format either than!  Want to do it right? Get the right tool for the job!

There are
basically three areas that can be causing your problems, hardware conflicts including memory addressing, Registry errors, and file conflicts (mismatched, wrong versions). I cannot tell from here which ones your computer has. But the odds are you have both file conflicts and Registry errors. So for that Spring tune up on your computer I would tell you to get System Sentry and Perfect Companion. RegRepair 2000 could help in checking the tire pressure and changing the oil. These are the tools I'll use when first attempting to fix someone computer. When I am all done,.... you guessed it; I'll install WinSafe 2001 and do all the final touch up settings, check my memory, do some house cleaning, and make my backups.

You can use QikFix in place of System Sentry for checking files, it is simpler to use but not as in-depth. QikFix is a tool with many different things that allows you to tweak your computer. It is not as in-depth as System Sentry when it comes to checking file versions.

Each one of our utilities are different, they do not overlap. Most of our utilities have some addition tools built in to do other jobs. When you think you have found an overlap, your wrong because they are approaching the repair from a different view point. Where are both the Registry Drill and RegRepair have a Registry Compacting tool, this is an overlap but it is needed for both tools.

I am sorry I could not do it all with just one utility. I need to use many of  my tools in my  tool box. In fact if I brought my car to a mechanic and he walked over to my car with an adjustable wrench, I would be in my car and gone.