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This utility is like none other. I have yet to find one that can do what WinSafe can. No more worries about a corrupt Windows Registry.


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WinSafe backs up your system files and Registry files, and restores them if you crash, making recovery easy. WinSafe checks all your system files on shutdown, boot up, and during backup and restoration. It alerts you to any changes in your system files; it also watches for Trojans, hijackers, viruses and much more before exiting Windows. This is the only System backup utility that will run even if the Explorer cannot. Cannot boot to Windows, you could have if you had WinSafe installed. WinSafe is for Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows ME, English and foreign language versions.

WinSafe is the most advanced utility on the market today. It comes with six ways to get you up and running in seconds. ERU has only one way and does not backup all the files and recommends placement on a floppy.

Most other programs only restore the Windows Registry. WinSafe not only watches over the Windows Registry and System files, it watches for Trojans that alter the Registry, stopping you from using your programs. Trojans that place hidden attributes on your system files, hidding them from Windows. It watches for Hijacker home page and Internet Explorer and automatically repairs your home page and search pages. It can even reinstall Windows for you using just one of it's 76 features. It watches over your Vmm32 files and can repair a VMM32.vxd error with a click of a button. It watches for any corrupt file that you need to bootup with and tells you before you shut down so you can fix it before you are locked out of Windows.

And best of all WinSafe will alert you to changes in your startup programs, added or deleted system files, and errors that will stop you from rebooting before you exit Windows. It tells you when you need to backup the Registry, and will not let you shut down if you have a corrupt bootup file.

Don't wait till you crash, put WinSafe on your computer now!

Take a minute and read this page, it's worth your time.

1) Nothing stops WinSafe from doing it's job except for a power failure. We'll prove it. Download WinSafe and after installing it, click on Repair system files, but do not shut down all other programs and when you see a system error click cancel, WinSafe will not only repair all files but the System error message will do nothing more then display a message. No more Blue Screens of Death to stop you.

2) WinSafe beats all the others. Try downloading WinSafe and after installing and setting it up, rename the file Himem.sys. To make this more interesting let corrupt Msdos.sys. ( See the contents of the Msdos.sys File ) Now attempt to shut down using the Exit Icon from WinSafe.  WinSafe will stop you from closing Windows because it knows that the system has become corrupted, another feature others do not offer. Then use Windows to reboot and try any other program to get back in. When they fail just type the word WinSafe at the WinSafe directory ( at the DOS Prompt) and not only will WinSafe reboot your computer, but there will be your desktop and all your software just as it was.

3) Did you ever have an IOS error? Then you probably tried reinstalling Windows only to find out that you are going to have to format and restore. Well no more, not only can WinSafe get you back into Windows, it has all the tools you need to find and fix the problem. Even from DOS.

4) WinSafe can tell you what hardware is failing as well as what files Windows fails to load so you can fix it before you crash. WinSafe will even make a system log so you can compare and restore, should a crash occur.

5) If you crash, corrupt your Registry, delete a file that Windows needs, or have a file that gets written over and you find yourself in a panic because your are in Safe Mode; simply access the desktop Icon of WinSafe, click Restore with Current, and restart your computer. No need to reinstall Windows (P.S. everybody sooner or later crashes). WinSafe can also reinstall Windows for if you ever need to, even without the use of your CD.

6) If you get locked out of Windows and cannot get to Safe Mode because your sound card died or your modem went hay wire and re-wrote your system files; simply go to the DOS prompt, get to the WinSafe directory and type the word WinSafe. WinSafe can even tell you what files have changed, it uses checksums.


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