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Did you ever have to restore your system using System Restore? Then you already know that when you need it, it doesn't work; or it removes all the files you did not want to lose. WinSafe can make your Registry backup files for you.

WinSafe XP is the most advanced utility of its kind on the market today. It backs up the entire Registry, most if not all other backup tools only backup certain Keys. It can restore your Registry without deleting any of your work. When you use Windows System Restore, it removes everything you have done since the restore point was made. If you are already locked out of Windows due to a corrupt Registry read this.

WinSafe XP not only will backup the Windows Registry files, and restores them if you crash or corrupt the Registry. WinSafe checks your system files on boot up and shutdown. It alerts you to any and all changes in your system files. WinSafe tells you when you need to backup the Registry. It will not let you shut down if you have a corrupted boot up file, so you can fix it before you are locked out of Windows. WinSafe can repair a corrupt Registry from a command line, without having to be in Windows

Can't boot to Windows, you could have, if you had WinSafe installed.

Now that Microsoft no longer includes the ability to install a backup Registry, we needed to develop WinSafe for XP. Its fast, easy and reliable.

WinSafe not only watches over the Windows Registry and System files, it watches for Trojans that alter the Registry, stopping you from using your programs. Trojans that place hidden attributes on your system files, hiding them from Windows. WinSafe will alert you to changes in your startup programs, added or deleted system files, Hijacked Home Page, and errors that will stop you from rebooting before you exit Windows. WinSafe will alert you if a new Service or Driver has been added, possible causing Windows to not boot or if a Trojan is hidding as a Service.

WinSafe can remove Hijackers and other malware that it finds adding themselves to your system.

We'll prove to you that WinSafe works. Download WinSafe XP and after installing it, create a new file in your Windows folder, as if a Windows Hijacker or worm was installed, or add a file to the startup group or install a toolbar to your browser as some adware does. Try deleting the file C:\Boot.ini, then use WinSafe's Exit Icon to shutdown. WinSafe will tell you what has been added or deleted before you can shut down; giving you the time to fix it, if it's a worm, before it spreads. Try changing your Home Page like a Hijacker would for a test - WinSafe will fix it.

Don't wait till you crash, put WinSafe on your computer now!

If a Hijacker tries to alter your HOST file, WinSafe will spot it. Your HOST file tells your browser what the IP address is for a given site. Malware loves to stop you from getting to a site that can fix your computer.

WinSafe XP makes it very easy for even a beginner to restore the Registry, even if you use NTFS. WinSafe restores your Registry even when System Restore can't.

WinSafe has many features to help you. It has a Clear Startup Group to close all program quickly so you can install new software. A Print Folder to print a list of files in the folder. It can delete a File in use or one that you don't have permissions to delete. Cleans the Font folder of duplicate fonts and registers ones that are not registered. It also repairs your Icons, it re-associates them to the registered file type

What else can it do?

  • Puts hidden Windows tools at your finger tips

  • Keeps several Registry backups available for easy access

  • Restores a corrupted Registry without losing any data from your hard drive

  • Monitors up to 100 backup Registries

  • Replaces missing or corrupt Windows files

  • Can delete files in use, perfect tool for deleting hijackers and worms

  • Puts a Keyboard on your screen should Windows be unable to load yours

  • Warns you if your Firewall has been disabled

  • Warns you if your Computer has Remote Access enabled

  • Automatically checks for changes even if you do not reboot everyday

  • Does not run in the background hogging up your resources

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